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Thread: Ecorider ATV

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    Ecorider ATV

    Ecorider 2008 440cc diesel quad bike. Registered for the road as agri vehicle (nil to pay road tax), very good condition and low hours. Does up to 90 mpg on red diesel. Fitted with an aluminium shooting rest/front carry tray, Kolpin rifle scabbard, tow hitch and winch with remote cable control. Sold with aluminium transport trailer and ramps. Selling as little used.
    3000.00 ono
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    can the trailer be towed by the quad as well?

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    Yes the trailer can be towed by the quad, the quad is 2 wheel drive with selectable high and low range (really good for towing) as well as reverse, clutch is automatic inertia.
    This quad isn't a racer, it was designed with work in mind. It has done a ridiculously small amount of work and has been stored indoors at all times.

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    Bloody well built quads , this will do someone a good turn !

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    real good bike apart from only 2wd thats a problem if near wet ground or mud

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arbshot View Post
    the quad is 2 wheel drive with selectable high and low range
    Does it have a rear differential, and if yes is it lockable ?


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    It will be constantly locked Neil .

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    I can confirm it has a locked rear differential, it is driveable on the road as it is chain driven, the trailer is for extended road trips.
    Two wheel drive has never been an issue on steep wet ground as the low range is really low, I have never managed to get it stuck (obviously not idiot proof),
    but there is always the electric winch if you do, also handy as a hoist, pulley block included.

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    What's parts like to buy Ect I heard this company went into liquidation and is there a price - the trailer please .

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    Hope sale goes ok, should be a decent buy for someone
    Quote Originally Posted by Steyer 6.5 View Post
    can the trailer be towed by the quad as well?
    Story of my life
    Wish now I had bought an original Kawasaki 300 two wheel drive with diff 5 years ago when road registration was simple
    and quad was both available and cheap, oh well too late now.


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