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Thread: Ziess scope and telescopes for sale

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    Ziess scope and telescopes for sale

    I have for sale a Ziess diatil 6-42 fixed power scope in vgc with lens covers in a German rectile three thick posts type.
    300 posted

    also one Russian 4 draw telescope 8-24-40 again in vgc looking for 45 posted

    lastly one yukon scout in new condition in 20x50 40 posted
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    Hi could you send photos to please
    K C Rimmington

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    That scope gone?
    If it ain't broke don't fiddle with it!
    Not even a little..........................(unless you can fix it, properly fix it, working and PROPPER working!!)

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    [QUOTE=TIKKA .223;723512]That scope gone?
    no - there is a lad getting in touch on wed - if you pm I will send you pics and if he is not taking it it will be for sale

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    I think the scope is now spoken for subject to the usual the telescopes are going on e bay

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