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Thread: hawke eclipse 8x56 30ir

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    hawke eclipse 8x56 30ir

    looking for a scope for my .243 and was wondering if these were any good. Or am i better saving my pennies for a decent 6x42.

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    Had a couple of them. Not bad for the money but I would say there are better secondhand scopes for the same money.
    How much do you want to spend? I have a couple of spares....

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    at the moment 150. I have been pointed in the direction of vortex diamondback scopes by a mate, look good value for money. Might have to see if i can find locally to look at

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    I had one for a couple of years, was fairly pleased with it until the zero started shifting about. Hadn't had any knocks or even been on an excessively recoiling rifle

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