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Thread: Steyr SSG PII .308 + Varget

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    Steyr SSG PII .308 + Varget

    Reluctant sale but need to fund a new pair of Binos,

    Steyr SSG PII with Apel mounts and ASE Utra Jet z compact Moderator.

    The rifle has been shortened by Steve Kershaw to 18 inches and reproofed. At this length it is well balanced and pointable and I was very surprised at how little it effected performance. I get 2650fps with Sierra 165 grainers combined with Varget and to do this I am still within recommended max loads. It goes without saying that it shoots extremely well. With the ASE moderator it is also very comfortable to shoot.

    Both rifle and moderator are no more than a few years old. My cleaning routine is pretty meticulous. Boreguide, correct size jag, patches, brushes and I never leave a moderator fixed to the rifle when in storage. It has only been used for stalking rather than competition shooting so the round is still low (under 350).

    Sale does not include the Harris bipod or PMII unless I am persuaded with a good offer.

    1200 - This includes Rifle, mod and Apel rings and bases, 2x 5 Round magazines and a Hunters of England Cheek piece.

    I also have

    5 and a half tubs of Varget

    15rds Sako 123grain soft point factory ammo

    20 rds Sako 155grain Hammerhead factory ammo

    300 (approx) 165grain Sierra Game King bullets

    A few hundred Sako and Lapua cases

    Redding 3 die set including micrometer seater

    The buyer of the rifle will have first refusal on these
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    That must be a walk in gun room you got now Nige..
    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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    For all those enquiring about the Varget. It is reserved for the buyer of the rifle and I won't be selling it until the rifle is sold.

    ..... however, money talks, ..... What shall we say 100 a tub !?

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    Someone must be looking for an SSG?!

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    Lovely rifle.. Just can't stretch to that.. Used a friends ssg on the range a few weeks ago and really enjoyed it.. Especially the short bolt lift.. Makes for really fast cycling.. Good luck and wish I had a few more quid!!

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    I would much prefer to keep it actually! I really enjoy shooting it longer distances on my makeshift range but I rarely get time for this and when it comes to taking a rifle stalking I have others that I use more often. Binoculars however get used constantly and get far more use than any rifles so I am telling myself it is for the best!

    ... knowing what I paid for it and doing a little research I think it is priced about right.
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    If it helps I am up and down the A303 and M3 from Dorset to Outer London fairly often so can meet anywhere in between if there is genuine interest.

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    I know you said you want sell the Varget until rifle sold. Just in case you change your mind I would have two tubs and live 5 minutes from Stonehenge so if you are passing.

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