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Thread: Best Muntjac practise?

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    Best Muntjac practise?

    Hi. Very new to stalking. I have around 1000 acres which hold fair head of Muntjac and Roe with scattering Fallow. I am definately the only person shooting this ground. When I stalk at first or last light I seldom see any deer. Possibly see a couple once every four trips. But when I lamp for foxes I see plenty. What am I doing wrong. I try to be as quiet as possible and am careful of the wind direction. I do not take any dogs. Loads of slots in gateways/paths etc but seldom see a deer during daylight. As a matter of fact one part of my ground is getting badly damaged by deer and I have sat in high seat again at first and last night but with no luck. I need to bag more as one of the reasons for having this ground is to keep on top of them. Have tried a Buttalo call but only attracted foxes. (Shot 49 of them since feb 09 so doing something right). Thanks for any constructive advice.

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    Can you tell us a little more about the nature of the land. Undulating or flat? Is it arable or pasture? Do you have any wooded areas?

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    Re: Best Muntjac practise?

    Quote Originally Posted by Wobblebelly
    ....But when I lamp for foxes I see plenty. What am I doing wrong.
    Taking the wrong gun?

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    Undulating. (Wolds) Mixture of arable and grassland. 80% grassland. Loads of woods but not enormous maybe 4-6 acre each. The ground is shot over by gamebird syndicate with usual cover crop. (This is the main reason I have all rifle rights, to control vermin). Main damage area is new planted trees about 30 acres surrounded by woods. Thanks

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    Taking the gun does not interfere with the sighting of deer! For your info it is a Tikka T3/T8 using Fed soft point 100grain. Cant see any prob with this!

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    OOPS!!! sorry, mistook you for someone with a sense of humour.

    I was refering to that old chestnut called sod's law... it happens to me everytime I go out with the shotgun or vice versa.

    Nevermind, I won't bother you again.

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    EEEEh the things you see when you ain't got a gun! seriously though , how much tramping is this ground getting?

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    Hi. It gets gamebird shot over once a week. Obviously there is daily feeding to feeders/pens etc. The odd public footpath but not seen public much. I would say I frequent it the most (Other than the gamebird feeding obviously) and I would walk it maybe twice/three times a week. There is plenty of new slots about all the time so they are definately about just not really seeing them. Its probably something I am doing wrong. If I want to see deer and look for them on the lamp I will see maybe 6-10 each time. Mainly Muntjac and Roe. It is the same story out of season when no feeding of birds etc. Thanks

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    At the risk of getting my head shot off, I would have to guess you are definately being pinged by these deer, You probably don't just realise it, we have all gone down a ride & just looked over the shoulder to see them seeing you, try getting in very slow & early & just stay put, don't lose patience, just as you get fed up waiting for them & leave they will be watching you!

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    i seem to shoot most muntjac a couple of hours after 1st light. I was talking to a friend about this yesterday (he also shoots a fair few monkeys) he felt that he shot most at approx 8 am which in summer is significantly after 1st light.
    you could try calling them as well

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