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Thread: Wellie bargains

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    Wellie bargains

    Hi guys
    anyone know of wellie bargains at the moment,looking for neoprene lining,good grip.
    any ideas,web addresses.


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    Uttings had a sale on aigles full zip neoprene for certain sizes not sure if it's still on

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    im doing chameau vierzonord for £135 cheapest in the uk atm i do beleive
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    had a pair of chameau leather lined 2 months ago started leaking last week heal coming of not good.

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    homeleigh garden center has 20perceent off making them the cheapest in the uk for chameau in the uk atm. 120 for vierzonords

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    i meant retail price with no discounts
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    I know a couple of equine types who rate Muckboots as being a good buy. Various models, a quick Google will see you on the right track but theyre all fairly cheap compared to some.

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    Extra thick neoprene lining with solid walking grip soles.
    Specially designed rear calves gusset for added comfort for all day use.
    Direct from factory to us for our Target Sports customers

    *Boots available in Green or Camouflage*

    *£69.95 plus £7 UK Mainland 24 Hour Delivery.*

    Price: £71.75 £39.99

    Target sports UK Lesmahagow
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    Try the sportsman I got a pair of Vierzonord for £120. Although I would say that le Chemeau don't seem to be the quality they were, the rubber seems a lot thinner and not as substantial boot as they were.

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    Solognac Sibir 300 or Sibir 500 neoprene boots. I've got a pair of the 300's and they've very good. Much more hard wearing than the La Crosse ones I had previously.
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