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Thread: Silencer?

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    Silencers is just about to be legal for use and hunting use in DK.
    But for many of us danes it is a new article. No experience.

    Can any of You recommend a good silencer......(sure You can!)



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    Take your pick, there are plenty, but I'm sure everyone will tell you theirs is best, but all said and done it's down to preference based on more than one criteria and not what the media say.

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    2p worth
    as you have bad cold weather have a look at the hardy gen 4 light and effective .

    i would not have a steel one again.

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    Best Suppressor will depend on what calibre you are shooting and in what environment in terms of weight versus noise reduction. As stated ATEC should be readily available to you as I imagine would ASE.

    Choose what you feel will suit you and your rifle best.
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    Wildcat, easy strip to clean without tools and all parts available individually. Handy if you have say .30 cal mod in one thread type, you can buy the
    bridge in correct thread if you wanted to swap to other rifle of same/smaller cal.

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    I would look no further than your Finnish and Norwegian cousins. ASE and A-Tec make fantastic moderators.

    Ase Utra Sound Suppressors | Ase Utra

    A-TEC AS - silencers

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    thanks to You all.
    Well for the Danes i am asking wide.....and general!
    For my own riffel it is a weatherby .300

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheDanishHunter View Post
    thanks to You all.
    Well for the Danes i am asking wide.....and general!
    For my own riffel it is a weatherby .300
    In that case steer clear of Alloy mods and go with ASE S series.
    One let down with Alloy mods as been seen many times is fire cutting, which leads to corrosion. Colder temperature allows the mod to sweat inducing Zinc deposits on the surface adding further issues.

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