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Thread: wildcat mods x 2

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    wildcat mods x 2

    Wildcat whisper proofed to 17 hmr.
    Very little use but does have a tiny cabinet mark and some funny looking marks in the black. Cant pick it up on camera, only seen in certain light.

    Wildcat Predator 8 moderator.

    1/2x20 unf thread

    8mm hole. not sure what calibre you would put it at. the diffuser is black but it doesn't match up with wildcats website as no way is it .338 size.
    any input welcome on this.

    Quick call sorted it out. it is .270 and smaller

    new inserts can be bought to change thread. as can the plastic insert that sits on the barrel, this one is 16mm so can be trimmed to suit.


    All the best
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    Whisper arrived today perfect.
    Thankyou Top Gent

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    thanks for letting me know Thurtont. Let me know about the other item when you get chance.

    cheers buddy

    All the best

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    Cheers Buddy
    Will let you know as soon as it arrives.
    Thanks again T

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    Cheers Buddy another quality mod collected today.
    Take it easy and good shooting to you

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    Not a problem sir, your welcome. enjoy.

    All the best


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