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Thread: Clay Shooting Saturday 19th Doveridge

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    Clay Shooting Saturday 19th Doveridge

    I am going with a few friends to Doveridge Clay shooting ground it's just of the A50 20-30 mins from M1 J23A Donnington about same from Stoke or Birmingham

    Anyone fancies meeting up for a Pre chrimbo get together they do a nice brekky we will be there about 12.30 It's always a good day out and no need to book just drop a pm so we can keep an eye out for you

    I'll chuck in a case of Christmas Wifebeater as a turkey shoot prize

    Just looked out the window and its snowing Yehhh
    so could be a White Chrimbo after all

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    dont believe it rob im back in work sat off today n 2moz.just started snowing here to mate.have a great day mate and happy 50th.wheres these photos of you having the same hairstyle as me n fest

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    Cheeky sod not quite got to 50 yet

    Shame you are at work mate as it's on your doorstep

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    if im not to late back i will call in there for a brew with you.have a good one

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    If it was a bit closer I'd have been up for it, but its miles away for me up in the 'proper' North. (incoming!!)

    More to the point though... where's these photos???


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    Doveridge clay shoot

    Shame not far from me would have liked to have gone but out on a shoot picking up with the dogs fri and sat, have a good day, ATB ye old stalker

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    Sorry mate, would of come up but i'm on the pheasants.

    Nice clay ground and a good sporting layout, have shot the clubman there for a few years.


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    As above. Would be good to meet others from the site and put faces to names.............maybe next time.

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    Well kind of thought it may be a shooting/picking up day but as I said if anyone is free more than welcome and possibly sort out a day in the New Year when weather is a bit more stable

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