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Thread: 2 Species, 1 morning!

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    2 Species, 1 morning!

    Out with a friend and my Father n Law this morning just as the light was turning and managed to ambush this lady, best bit was a 10 metre drag for once instead of the epics we've experienced in the past! She weighed in at 69kg dressed out.

    After cracking on with the knife and loading the truck it was time to push on with the rest of the morning. After walking for around 10 mins we spotted 3 Roe along the hedgerow. My Father n Law set up on the sticks and released a well placed shot dropping the animal on the spot.

    All in all a great morning had by all. New Viper Skins felt good as well.



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    Nice looking set up you got there Carl.

    What calibre is it.. and congrats on a good morning.
    Blessed be the sheeple for they shall inherit bugger all...

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