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Thread: Christmas outings

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    Christmas outings

    I now a bit after Christmas but just back at work so I though I would do a right up about my stalking over the Christmas break.

    Have a couple of FC leases that are not that fare from me so I managed a couple of outing before Christmas but with no luck as it was very wet & windy.
    My next outing was boxing day & headed to a bit of the ground that has a nice wide ride going along it. I got set up just before first light and as daylight came in I spotted a roe to my left, a nice buck, watched him for a while then he walked off into the tree.
    Right time to go for a walk along the tree line, I had only gone about 100m when I spotted a roe feeding out in the open. Got the sticks up & had to wait about 15 min to get the right shot, it turned side on & I took the shot heard the strike & the deer took off and went behing a small rise. Went up the where the deer was standing when I took the shot I found some hare & a little bit of blood. followed the trall till it disappered into the trees whitch was about 130m away.
    I finaly found the deer 20m into the trees.

    The next outing was another blank as the weather was still wet and windy.

    My next outing was the first Saturday of the new year down near Dunoon.
    Met up with the stalker I was going out with at 7am & we headed out we saw a few deer but could not get into them. He said that there was a good chance of catching a red or two out on some clear fell so we had a quick look before heading back to the truck an sure enough we found 3 reds out in the open 2 hinds & a calf he got the range finder on them 220 yards out. We could not get in any closer so I got down & got the bipod set up, by this time one of the hinds has seen us & was off behind some trees but the other hind a calf had not seen us but where starting to head off in the same direction s the first hind. By now I was set up for the shot & the hind stopped just long enough to get a shot off, down she went the calf took off but stopped not fare off, another shot & down it went as well so to deer in the bag.
    Headed back for the quad & finalaly got the deer back & larderd then off for a snack.
    Still time for a evening stalk so we headed out to quary that lookes over a nice glen. We spotted a deer in a ride on the other side of the glen, just time for a stalk before we lost the light.
    After a bit of climbing we managed to get into where the deer was we spotted its head sticking out from behind some trees. As soon as I got the sticks up it walked out from the trees & stopped, nice chest shot, this time the deer took off & we found it 20m into the trees, quick gralloch a drag back to the truck just athe light was going.

    On the following monday I headed up to one of the FC leases. There was a machine working on the road & the driver for some reason had just parked it up in the middle of the road the night before, not a good start as I had to reverse about 200m back down the road to find a parking spot. Not happy as I would now have about ¾ mile walk that I was not planning on. Got ready & off out for for hopfully a roe or two. Got to where I wanted to be just after first light & spotted 3 roe & a hind just out from the trees. Managed to drop down into a burn & got on till I was about 80 yards from the doe stick up & a nice chest shot. Quick gralloch & back down the road for a late breakfast.

    Another outing was organise for wednesday on some ground I shoot near Perth.
    Off early in the morning & got there just before 7am. There was a couple off opptions open to me but I decided to have a look over one of the restalk areas. Walked up the track & got into position just as the light was coming in. Got the binos up a had a good look about nothing moving. Waited for a bit & another look with the binos and I spotted some movement right on the fare side of the restalk, just some branches blowing in the wind I thought but then I spotted a the ears of what I thought was a red hind but after a bit & could just make out a couple of small antlers. A young stag having breakfast on one of the newly planted trees. Stalked up the side of the tree line & lost sight of the stag I new the area he was in so I got the stickes up & waited sure enough he waked out from behind some small trees about 100 yards off I had to whistle to get him to stop witch he did nice chest shot & down he went. Another good start to a days stalking it was not even 9 o,clock yet. Got back to the truck & drove round to where the deer was.
    This was going to be the good bit trying to get the young stag back to the track. After a bit of puffing & panting I was back at the truck in about 45 min.
    Quick breakfast & off to another bit of ground for a sight in a high seat for a while I did see a fallow but no chance of getting a shot.
    Evening time came again & into another high seat. Had only been sitting for about 20 min & a roe doe wanderd out into a clearing, rifle up & a quick shot number 2 in the bag. Gralloch done & back to the truck then home.

    No more stalking organised but on the following friday the better half mentioned that we had not been out foxing for a while due to the weather.
    Quick call to one of the farms I shoot just to make sure it would be OK to head out.
    By this time the weather had changed was getting colder.
    When we got there it was after 10pm, got the rifle set up, the wife dose the lamping I do the shooting.
    We headed up & spooted a fox righ away but off he went as soon as the lamp hit him. Number 2 was not so lucky quick shot from the bunnet & down he went. We had only drove about 200m and another fox lying up just off the road in rocks, no time go get out, rifle up on the wing mirror & fox number 2 in the bag. After a while it started snowing but we managed to pick up another fox. 3 foxes down & back off the farm for just after midnight not a bad nights work.
    This was the first outing on foxes with the .20 VarTarg, no complants from me but the foxes where a bit pixxed off.

    I don't do right ups very often but I hope you had a good read.



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    Sounds like a fantastic few days shooting. Well done!


    Alba gu brąth

    Sauer 101 6.5x55, Beretta Silver Pigeon 12g Over&Under

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    Wow, Waidmannsheil!
    Sounds like a bit of travelling and stalking, joined by some good successful stalks...
    Well done!
    People's hobbies are more their measure's than are their jobs.

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