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Thread: The hunter being watched

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    The hunter being watched

    Last Thursday morning saw me waiting for a fox at a local small holding who have just started lambing. 130 yds away was a birthing casualty and at first light only 3 maggies on it: few minutes later the B52 of the avian world arrived in the form of a raven. God they are big esp through the scope on x14.

    Anyway over the next 30 mins all I saw was a succession of maggies not a fox to be seen.

    I am standing behind a black plastic silage round bale and the rifle is on a bipod to my right on top of the bale.

    Then I sense I am being watched and slowly looking to my right: I am being stared at by a small vixen shes only 20 yds away but she can't quite figure out what I am, for what seems ages we look at each other I darn't so much as twitch, then she thinks no worry turns arround and starts to trott off. If she goes left she's dead but no off she goes through the barn and simply vanishes as quietly as she arrived.

    I do admire them pity they can cause so much damage.

    Anyway if we get a dry night she might not be so lucky if we see her with the Thermal.


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    Good luck on your mission,

    We are also experiencing lots of casualties on the game at the hands of Jackal and Caracal, many nights have been put into getting to those buggers but they just know when you are after them

    All the best

    Gerrit jv Vuuren PH & Outfitter
    Bos en Dal Safaris- South Africa
    Home - Bos en Dal Safaris

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    lost count the amount of times ive been out sitting,or calling only to glance behind me to find one standing watching me.was trying to squeak one in for edd brewsher to shoot when another appeared 30 yards to the side of us after some messing about moving sticks etc edd nailed it.just seem to appear from nowhere at times an vanish just as quick.

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