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Thread: Great service from EMcC

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    Great service from EMcC

    Hi I just want to say a huge thanks regarding the books I purchased on here.

    1st to to Glynn for allowing me to have the books. True gent.

    And to eddy EMcC for the perfect service regarding the condition of the books which were awesome and his excellent service.

    And thanks to the admin team keep up the good work guys, it doesn't seem to be easy as of late.


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    Thanks for those kind words.
    I must admit it was an usual method of conducting a sale, thanks to Glynn it all worked out satisfactorily
    I live by the rule of life that you always get what you give or, what goes round comes round !!
    I have another lot up for sale, they are more of a 'country mans' interest rather than a specific subject but are priced to give someone good value, I hope.

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