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Thread: NRA National firearms museum

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    NRA National firearms museum

    Hi all

    As a fellow brit i have recently relocated to the usa with work to northern virginia just out side washington dc.

    I have been pleasantly suprised to find out that i am only 20 minutes away from the NRA's national firearms museum.

    In preparation of my first visit i went on amazon and purchased the recently released treasures of the national firearms museum book for $18 including delivery.

    It turned up last week at it is amazing. Its full of beautifully taken pictures of chosen pieces and collections such as Petersens and covers all periods from kentucky rifles to .50 bmgs from Iraq and lots of european makers.

    Its an absolute bargain i dont know what it would cost to post to the uk but if sold in the uk i would expect it to have retailed around the 40 mark.

    Gun p##n at its best and the uk museum at leeds needs to try and put something together like this for the benefit of our sport and heritage.

    As for the museum its self i will post a review once i have had chance to leave the family for a few hours and visit.


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    The Springfield Armoury, Spring field, Massachussetts is also worth a visit. I was last there some thirtyfive years ago, (I was working in Boston at the time), but I recall it as thoroughly entertaining.

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