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Thread: Hereford user Philip Morris

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    Hereford user Philip Morris

    I was told this is the best site to join to get answers to questions I might have and try to answer questions for others.

    I live in Hereford, and manage a gun and shooting accessories store in Hereford. I'm currently using a .243 for stalking. I enjoy pheasant shooting and going to shoots.

    I hope to get involved in the chat (when I can find the time) and look forward to interacting with some of my shoppers who recommended the forum and speaking with some of the regular users of the site.


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    Welcome - from a local user and store supporter
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    Hello Eric and thank you

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    Another welcome from a long-term customer and local. I've always been provided with excellent service in your gunroom, especially by Mark.

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    Welcome to the site .

    matt norton (village flooded)

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    Good to here it! Mark is very knowledgeable within the shooting industry and always willing to go the extra mile for his customers.

    Your comments will be passed on, many thanks.

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    Welcome to the site Philip. I too am a regular customer of your stores, whether it be for shooting related bits or anything else useful. I was particularly pleased the other day when you had a variety of bungs to fit all the necks of my different sized glass sloe gin containers - some things are not done so easily over the internet! Hope you enjoy the forum. Foss

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    Hello Matt and many thanks.

    I hope you haven't suffered any flood damage yourself?

    Good excuse to go up to the higher ground with your shooting gear!

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    Thanks Foss that's brilliant! I do here people say quite often, "the shop is like an Aladdin's cave" and a lot of customers call in because they like to have a wander throughout all the nooks and crannies of the store, something you would struggle to get in a modern shop! Good to here you found what you were looking for and I do believe I'm enjoying the forum already, many thanks.

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    You may want to think about a trade membership though.....seems only fair after all!
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