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    i have a friend coming over from the states ,he shoots over there boar ,deer etc.
    i would like to take him out on a stalk may be a fox or two.
    what is the law on doing so.?

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    hi ,

    i think you will find as long as he is using your rifle under your supervision and your on land you have written permission to be on for your chosen quary then there should be no problem !

    cheers lee

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    I'm no lawyer, but my understanding of the estate rifle clause is basically what Lee said, that as long as you are supervising him (most people seem to agree within sight and earshot) then that is fine. (of course you have to have permission on the land you are shooting over etc too)


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    I have had many Americans hunting with me, and apply for their permits to bring weapons into the UK.

    However in answer to your question. As long as you are the registered owner of the rifle and have permission on the land, and you are with him at all times, he can use your rifle without a visitors firearms permit. However he cannot purchase ammo, or be with the rifle without you actually being with him.

    If he is not with you and he uses your rifle, you will need to sponsor him for a Vistors Firearms Permit, and also if he intends on bringing his own rifle over.

    However from an insurance point of view if something, god forbid goes wrong, you might have a problem. I have always applied for a permit for all my clients whether they use my rifle and I am with them or not.



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    Good answer Malc - its handy to have you wise old gents around!


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    many thanks for the replys,all very helpful,hes not bringing his rifle but using mine and yes i will be with him at all times.

    it was just i made the offer some time ago then thought can i do this or not.
    and hes as keen as mustard.

    never know i might get a invite to over there.

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    Tolley, get him to join NGO or SGA while he is over. Then he will have the backing of the organisation so if plod asks or if there is an unfortunate accident he is covered over here. I know some goose guides etc insist on it. Better safe and 30 well spent, Jim

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