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Thread: Ex army sleeping bags

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    Ex army sleeping bags

    Looking for something for when I'm sat up a high Seat in - degree temps really ,some days it's just very uncomfortable and I was thinking of trying a sleeping bag round my bottom half has anyone tryed anything similar .before someone's says go for a proper stalk, it's for cull days when you have to stay in the seat for the duration .
    ps not looking to spend 100 s of pounds either

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    Doubled over fleece blanket and quilted trousers. Cheap as chips and works.

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    E- bay, Going to be looking for one myself, fed up with the zip snagging on the material on my current one.
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  4. #4 is the place to look - you need a smattering of German - look in Jagen

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    If its just cold feet that's the biggest problem, get a pair of Sorel Glacier Boots, rated down to -40'c.
    One of the best bits of kit I've ever brought as I spend hours up high seats through the night with a howling gale blowing and freezing my nuts off

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    hi feller i have got a few in loft! late 1970's type and dam warm. hmmm now how did they get there , i dont know how much one would cost to post but that is all i would wish for one on the other side i got a set of the deer hunter rusky bib and that way you won't for get to not get out of the sleeping bag and slide down like a big green maggot

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    You used to be able to get ex German Army sleeping bags which had sleeves so you can use a rifle and the bottom third velcros on / off so it covers your feet, but a good kick and its off.

    Have just looked at the Interwebulator - here you go - Original German Army Issued Sleeping Bag With Sleeves And Removable Inner Liner.: Sports Outdoors

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    Sleeping bag is a bit too restrictive mate. I've just got a pair of US Army Cammo extreme cold weather overalls which are 'toasty'! They come up on Ebay occasionally. Also have a look at 'Dew Liners' on there which we used to get issued in Norway. They are good down to about -40 ! They are black though but shouldn't matter too much up a seat.
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    ski pants from aldi
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