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Thread: Reloading - Cost to setup and is it worth it????

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    Reloading - Cost to setup and is it worth it????

    Hi Guys

    I'm getting into deer stalking and centre fires and was wondering how much does it cost to set up re-loading and is it worth it?

    I about to buy a .308 which I will be using for stalking and a bit of target shooting. So at the moment I think I will be shooting a max of 100 rounds a year and that might be an over estimate.

    So with that few rounds each year is it worth me re-loading?

    Now over the next year I'm hoping to get my self a .357/.38 for targets and a .223 for targets / foxing etc.

    So if I was to start re-loading, What will it cost for me to get setup and what do I need?
    I don't want to buy top of the range stuff but don't want to get something I have to replace every few rounds (I know it wont be that bad, but you know what I mean)

    Hope some one can help, as I might try an pick a few bits up from the shooting show if feb etc / or some second hand stuff.

    Many thanks

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    If you're going for 357/38 and some target shooting it'll be worth it but to feed a 308 100 rounds a year I'd not bother except you could learn a lot and also produce better ammo in the long run. However, you'll need to read a bit and learn from your errors as mistakes can be unpleasant.
    More or less anything will do the job but a good powder scale and a good measure will help.
    For the 357/38 you'll almost certainly need something with a bit of mechanical advantage whereas you might get away with less on the rifle rounds.
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    Quote Originally Posted by michaeli View Post
    So if I was to start re-loading, What will it cost for me to get setup and what do I need?
    A little research on the web - you tube etc will give you all your answers and you will learn a lot.


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    You can get setup from as little as 40 for a Lee Loader classic, I use these for .308 and.223 but have also bit the bullet and migrated to a full press etc.

    It's probably not worth it for 100 shots a year, however if you intend to reload in the future then it's worth learning now and slowly starting to build up your equipment. It's also another part of the shooting hobby for me, it gets my engineer juices flowing going through the load process and having a tailored round for my rifle. It's a nice sense of achievement getting cloverleafs with your own ammo.

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    If you do a search under my posts I asked this not long ago and got some good replies. I'd recommend a reloading manual and you can't go far wrong asking Spud1967 for advice.

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    You will find that, if you start reloading, you will shoot more. Firstly you'll start out by finding that you can reload ammo tailored for your rifle, and thus more accurate than bought. Then you'll start to experiment, (play, actually). Gop for it!

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    I am with everyone on this to me its worthwhile you can spend as little or as much as you want getting all the gear or buy a cheap press and some small tools and dies and you are off, or stick with a lee loader and do the small batch you need, the 38/357 is a doddle to do as is any other calibre I say go for it but then i am biased as i enjoy it, atb wayne
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    if you want accurate and consistent bullets then definitely reload.
    get a good book though or find a decent website. I found the lapua website very useful when I started

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    I would go for it .... infact I did. I now reload for my .223 and enjoy spending time making a cartridge which suits my rifle .... and when you find "that" load and pot the bull, ( I mean on the paper target !!) its very satisfying knowing you made the cartridge yourself.
    A hobby in itself and the starting costs of my gear was 150.00 all in. Later I purchased a tumbler from spud so my brass is nice and shiney too. I started by doing lots of reading books and this site, also bought myself a manual too.

    As stated you will shoot more as well, so as you see its all good news.

    atb Alan

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