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Thread: Feral Goat Stalking

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    Feral Goat Stalking

    Looking for Feral Goat stalking in the Highlands of Scotland, any contacts anyone ? Cheers

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    Colin solway stalker is certainly worth a pm. Had a couple of goat with him.

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    Hi there Weeman, yeah I did think about colin, but ideally i want to stalk one in the highlands.

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    Believe me when you've been half way up that sodding hill you'll wish you were fitter .its pretty high I can tell you .give Colin a call !

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    Cheers Norma 308 good to see someone else from northants ;-)

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    Not sure if there are any goats in the Highlands? I got a really good one with David Virtue at DV Sporting in the Borders.

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    Yeah the Highlands have some very good goat stalking, over the years I hyave taken some nice trophies. Looking for a new estate that I have not stalked before to take a good Billy this year.

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