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Thread: .17 hmr

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    .17 hmr

    Desperate for some advice on which is the best make and model of rifle for .17 hmr. Love thumbhole stocks and light good triggers. Do the short barrels on some of the models affect there accuracy or velocity. Have looked at the cz,anshultz and savage can not make my mind up? Any help appreciated. Just want an accurate rabbit basher.

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    Cz452 with synthetic stock and 20 inch barrel and sak mod plus a up to 12 power scope and your good to go bunny bashing up to 150ish yards... Hugh.
    ps get a trigger kit fitted and that will help improve it no end.
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    whats your budget? a cz will do everything an Anschutz will , the limiting factor is the ammo imho , however ive had a cz, savage and now own a 1517thumbhole and as mentioned no more accurate than the cz or savage but quality wise and in looks for me on a different level than the others, and to me that's worth the extra outlay.

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    Do you have a problem with having to clean the 1517 a lot to keep the accuracy?

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    I have the CZ varmint heavy barrel 16" which has done everything it says on the tin, equally and if not better than some of the other makes... no complaints here you wont go to wrong with a CZ, neither will your bank balance suffer. Opted for the short barrel option as it makes the rifle much easier to utilise if you are shooting from a vehicle, only problem with the shorter barrel option is you will have to go for a better quality mod as the cheaper options (normally soft metal) will gas cut very quickly (within 20 rounds) so I opted for a Riflecraft mod and haven't looked back.

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    Is the riflecraft moderator made out of aluminium? I thought that is a soft metal?

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    CZ is a very good choice but as the owner of an Anschutz 17/17 which are no longer available, if you can source a secondhand model grab it, for me they are the very best.

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    50/50 anshutz better quallity expensive , cz just as good a third of the price dont know about savage sak mods on both ,bunnie stew happy days.

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    Use the Annie 1417, thumbhole. It shoots very well out 200m (dial it in...) and handles well.
    See great vid fro CZ user.

    As with other .17HMR it does need cleaning regularly and use a rod rather than a bore snake myself (the bore snakes are so 'lace thin' that they cut into your hand on pull-through..and snap prone..).
    I have had a couple of 'split cases' but this is an ammunition (Federal particularly) not a rifle issue; approximately 500 rounds and 2 visible case splits - so keep perspective.
    However.....I'm tempted to ditch the .17HMR in favour of my .223 for >150-300m vermin and keep the trusted (and silent) .22LR for close range <150m.
    Have no experience of other 17HMRs.
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    I wouldn't disregard the Sako quad or the Anschutz, it took me a very long time to make a decision and the right price.

    At least with the Sako you could perhaps change the barrels to the different caliber to save space.

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