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Thread: Which Walking Boots?

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    Which Walking Boots?

    Can anyone give advice on walking boots? I have been using Le Chameau Mouflon, but they have started to split across the toe. Second pair I have had do this. They also squeek when you walk so not the best for stalking.

    Thinking of buying a pair of Meindl, can anyone give some feedback on these or recommend an alternative.

    Thanks guys

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    meindl dovre ex-stream are a good boot,bestard i have both pair and cant fault them,bestard have a gortex booty that you can take out fantastic if you need to dry the boot out over night.

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    Mendel fan hear. i bought the vakuum recently there excellent.

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    Meindl dovre extreme for me too - fantastic boots and well worth the money in my opinion.

    Mine squeak like hell too, but rub a little bit of vasoline on the tongue and it silences them.


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    Scarpa GTX boots are pretty good. I did the coast to coast walk in them last year with dry and comfortable feet all the way through.

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    mendel extream best bit of kit to date but they dont like wet rocks my onley critisism other than that never let a drip of watter in warm and can walk milles in them recomended

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    Thanks guys, I will check them out.

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    Meindl dovre extreme get my vote.

    Lundhags are also excellent.

    I've also found Haix Montana's to be first class.

    No one I've meet who had purchased a pair of Le Chameau Mouflon had a decent word to say from them.

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    Scarpa Manta's or Meindles - which ever fit better. Two things to look for - make sure they are made from a single piece of leather as most water goes in through the seams -many cheaper boots are made from lots of pieces of leather stiched together, with waterproofing from a gortex liner. Once the liner wears through, which it does pretty quickly, they will leak.

    Make sure it has a stiff sole if you are going to be using them on hills / rough ground - this really supports your foot etc.

    If your ground is very wet, leather or neoprene lined wellies with a walking bot sole are the way to go though.

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    I have the Meindl Glockners and am very pleased with them so far (about 1 month worn every day)

    They are stiff but not too stiff and waterproof.

    Planning on getting some Scarpa Mantas as well (off ebay, have a look) as a second pair

    Avoid Le Chameau, look good but arent a patch on the Meindl


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