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Thread: Munty`s in monmouth

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    Munty`s in monmouth

    Hi lads,
    whilst stalking in the monmouth area on the weekend my brother spotted a nice muntjac buck.This is the first munty weve seen in this area i know there in ross on wye but anbody else seen them in monmouth area or anywhere else where there just showing up?
    thanks sean

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    They have been around in various parts of the county for some years mainly in the Wye valley, but not in any great numbers.
    The furthest south that I have heard of them is Llangybi. A fellow shooter told me that a muntjac had been knocked down at the junction of Treherbert Road and the Caerleon to Usk Road a few years ago.

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    The funny thing is that there have been occasional reports of munties from Monmouthshire going back many years, long before they started popping up regularly. At that time they seemed to show up out towards The Hendre/Llanvapley but they were just the odd one now and again and you had to think they had a helping hand.

    I saw slots whilst fishing the Monnow on the Welsh side between Skenfrith and Monmouth in 2007 that could have only been from a roe or a muntjac but they were too indistinct to be sure of which deer made them. (I discounted fallow fawn because there were no adult slots anywhere around).

    If you look at the BDS distribution maps they are pretty well into to Wales and almost right down the M4 corridor as well as over the border a little further North from Herefordshire. The countryside around Monmouth is perfect for muntjac (and roe) and they should do well.

    It used to be that there were just fallow in the area (although I saw a roe in the Forest of Dean in the early 1970s) and now there are still plenty of fallow plus muntjac, roe and boar. It only needs a few of the reds to get over from Abergavenny and its just missing sika.

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    I've heard occasional reports of monkeys being seen in Wentwood.

    Probably getting settled in for the Ryder Cup at the Celtic Manor!

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    And even the top end of Pontypool park if you believe what one shooter, not a stalker by the way, told me a couple of years ago.

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    On the subject of new species of deer in Wales, Richard Prior reported a silver medal sika from South Glamorgan a couple of years ago but sika are almost non-existent in Wales with the only deer known to me being the red x sika hybrids on the Teifi estuary.

    Does anyone have any idea where this stag might have come from. I thought of Margam but apparently they have not had sika in the park and it's a very long swim from Lundy!!

    Also, do any of the CWD that were previously around Walcot Park in Shropshire still survive?

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    munties in Monmouthshire

    Regarding your sighting of a muntjac in Monmouthshire, a shooting
    friend of mine has seen one on the Wenallt in North Cardiff,and I
    have also heard a report of a sighting at Berryhill farm on the
    Newport to Cardiff road, so they may be creeping into South Wales.


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    According to the BDS they are more than creeping in, take a look at this:

    even in 2000 they were being reported as far west as Cardigan. They are however possibly new into the Cardiff area as there is no record any closer than about Usk. Don't forget a yellow dot or square just means a record not any particular density, it could be a single deer or an established population.

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