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Thread: Aldi ultrasonic cleaner

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    Aldi ultrasonic cleaner

    From Sunday 26th Aldi will have ultrasonic cleaners on special at 22.99 with a 3 year warranty if anyone interested.

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    Cheers for the info. Are they any good?

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    I think Greg login/ roestalker did a YouTube film on one and there a few on here like them. I have never been able to get one as they sell out quickly. I've been waiting for them to come on offer again.

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    I got one previously. They work well, but you can only really get about 15 cases (25.06 or similar) in a cycle to get them properly cleaned. Often takes several cycles as well.
    I prefer a large tumbler where I can just chuck 100+ in and leave it for a couple of hours!

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