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Thread: Do it all scope

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    Do it all scope

    I'm finding my s&b 6x42 not enough scope, what is a common and well regarded illuminated variable power scope I can keep an eye for? I'd like 12x min if possible...

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    ive got a shimdt and bender zenith 3-12x50 flashdot 4 not cheap , but i love it

    buy right buy once

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    A good quality 3-12 x 50 will suit your every need! Zeiss Duralyt you can get for about 850 new currently. You may get a used Swaro or S&B for a similar price. I may even be selling one very soon!
    If you can't stretch to that have a look at Meopta. Jager SA had one for sale recently and might still have it. Quality glass at an affordable price!

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    3-12x56 meopta R1R. Cant fault it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 223 View Post
    ive got a shimdt and bender zenith 3-12x50 flashdot 4 not cheap , but i love it

    buy right buy once
    + 1 on the Schmidt. The zenith suits me 100% I have the 3-12 x50 and the 2.5 - 10 x 56 zenith FD with the FD7. Reticule excellent all rounder well worth the money no gimmicks they just do the job admirably


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    8x56 S &B or for a better reticule the iconic ( to me ) Swaro 8x50.

    Just a personal view - but have yet to find an instance where an illuminated reticule would have made a telling difference. The majority of variables we see - unless the user is an ardent foxer, target shooter, stalker on hill, forest and highseat and does benchrest on his day off seem to live at 8x - but fully appreciate other have different views and experience.

    I just wish there useless and pointless fixed power German scopes would drop to their true worth of 5 each - then I could buy them all up!
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    The closest to "do it all" that I have is like others have mentioned a S&B Zenith 3-12x50 flash dot 7 with precision hunter turrets retro fitted. These turrets are in my opinion way ahead of newer snazzy euro bdc turrets as they are very simple to use, elevation can be used in the dark. FD 7 is a very fine crosshair and good for a longer shot at a crow, the red dot at three mag can just about get you by for running game. Elevation turret can get you out to ca. 500yds with a 308.
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