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Thread: Middle calibre

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    Middle calibre

    I've got a variation for a 308 and 223, I'm going to sell my 243 and wonder whether it's worth doing a one for one and going for a 6.5mm, maybe a x47 or not bother as the 223 and 308 really cover all bases?

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    Went through exactly the same dilemma last year. Already had a 243 and a 308 and wanted a middle calibre with a view to just having the one "do it all" rifle. Settled on a 6.5x55 Tikka. Absolute cracking rifle & calibre, but can't part with the 243 & 308.
    I've now decided I need an upper calibre and am in the process of buying a 375HH. That empty space in the gun cabinet just didn't look right.
    Old Chinese proverb - he who dies with the most toys wins.
    You know you need another rifle.

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    Went through exactly the same dilemma myself last year. Already have 243 & 308. Settled on a 6.5x55 Tikka. Great calibre and rifle and I absolutely love shooting it. Just can't bear to get rid of the other 2 rifles now. In fact there was a gaping hole in the cabinet that just had to be filled so I've convinced myself I need an upper calibre. I now have a 375HH on order.
    Old Chinese proverb - he who dies with the most toys wins.
    You know you need another rifle - you just have to work out how to get it into the house without the boss noticing!!

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    Me too. Had .223 and .308 but wanted a fox rifle which could be useful on deer if I came across them. Opted for tikka T3 6.5x55. Never looked back. Go on do it you know you want to!

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    Haha... SOLD! 6.5 it is... x47 or x55 is the question!

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    x51 (260rem)
    Right where's those stones , I'll start !

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    Quote Originally Posted by hutt View Post
    Haha... SOLD! 6.5 it is... x47 or x55 is the question!
    How about x56mm? The .257 Roberts (or the Ackley Improved version) ought to be a lovely calibre - I've only seen the numbers and heard second-hand reports of use / effectiveness but I'm impressed enough to be seriously considering a variation for one at some point in the next 12-18 months. (I just got my .308 past the Mrs / the FEO - having told them I wanted it because it will "do everything in the UK" and I won't need another gun, I need to give it a while before I tell them I need / want another gun!)

    Arguments in favour would be that it is similar in proportions (and presumably therefore case efficiency) to the .308 of which I'm a devoted fan. It's also a slightly unusual if you're a calibre monkey like me, but still available in factory rifles and ammunition, so not a pain if you just need a box of 20. Reloading it ought to be fun though. It's got a good range of bullet weights to take you down to (but not past) the lower end of the deer-legal spectrum (min = 60gr) and overlaps nicely (max = 120gr) with the .308 (min = 110gr) which could remain your "big" gun. It produces 2/3 of the energy of the .308 (ergo 2/3 of the recoil) and appears to have a pretty similar trajectory pattern (i.e. a light bullet shot from a Roberts rifle should have a similar trajectory to a light bullet shot from a .308 and so on).

    Perhaps more importantly, I get the impression the cartridge is a little like that old thing where VW Beetle drivers used to honk their horns whenever they passed each other - everyone I've met who's ever shot one or knows a little about it talks about it with a curious kind of appreciation that it's something special. I wouldn't mind being part of that club.

    Have I convinced you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tackb View Post
    x51 (260rem)
    Is the correct answer....

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    "Is the correct answer...." It probably is. My son, who has an extensive knowledge of shooting in general, has just decided ona 260 Rem. In addition to its balliustic advantages, there's lots of 308 brass available. You might feel it necessary to turn the necks in order to properly resize them in a 260 Rem die.

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    Designed to set records, and has...the 260 never will!

    Keep the .243 for fox and small deer

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