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Thread: What in the hell is this sport/SD coming too

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    What in the hell is this sport/SD coming too

    Given that I believe that SD covers a broad spectrum of the types of people that frequent our sport I'd like to know what or when the sport turned into a whining, free loading, tattle telling, kill it all-everyday sport.
    Some of the questions asked beggar belief and would simply be answered if the OP could be bothered to educate themselves about the sport.
    On an almost weekly basis now we seem to have people who have failed to get the hunt they were expecting or failed to shoot something on every occasion they have been out.
    Where has the sportsmanship gone? Where has the joy of just being out gone? Is it only to do with killing things so they can make themselves feel like the 'great white hunter'?

    To those people who are in this sport because they just want to kill things, please stop whining when you don't. And remember you can only shoot them once
    To those people who post daft questions, please educate yourself on your quarry. You will be a better hunter.
    To those people that the above doesn't apply to, please accept my apologies.

    Bloody rant over
    “Man surprised me most about humanity. Because he sacrifices his health in order to make money.Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health. And then he is so anxious about the future that he does not enjoy the present; the result being that he does not live in the present or the future; he lives as if he is never going to die, and then dies having never really lived.”........Dalai Lama

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    Don't get me started.....

    I put it down to the "me" generation. Whether it's the Internet, social media or whatever, people have become more and more demanding - I want it, and I want it now - the natural result of which is that people end up being incredibly selfish. Why should I volunteer to help run something? I've paid my subscription to a society or charity, whose employees all get paid a wage, so they should dance to my tune. If they don't answer my query within 24 hours, or give me an answer I don't like, then obviously they are all wasters. What me, get off my fat ar5e and volunteer to help them? No, my time is too precious. Why should I spend 30 minutes of my time researching something, Google it and get an instant answer!!

    And whereas in the past people were prepared to wait for things - remember how you used to save pocket money to buy stuff - now they expect instant gratification. And once they've got it, they move on to the next thing....trophy deer anyone? It almost seems to have become like an addiction, in that gaining the thing you want is now the reward itself but, once you've got it, it's forgotten about and you just have to go out and get another fix. So we end up cluttering our lives with expensive but useless stuff. Criticise my stuff, though, and you might as well criticise my choice of car, football team or wife. Criticise my stuff and you criticise me, and I'll teach you to insult me.......

    And do you remember how, to become proficient at something, you had to spend time learning about it, practicing and improving? Well not any more apparently. These days we all demand to be, or at least want to appear to be, instant experts. Hell, I've paid my money, bought the kit and done the course, so don't insult me by suggesting I don't know all the answers.

    And then there's the blame culture, where everything just has to be someone else's fault. Any idea of personal responsibility has gone out of the window. Why should I sign a petition or write to my MP, that's what I pay those organisations my subs for. If you can't guarantee me a deer every outing then obviously you're just in it to rip people off. Why should I read the instructions - I'm an expert - it's your fault for the cr@p design.

    But then you see the other side of things; people offering something for nothing, supporting charities, offering words of encouragement, helping newbies get into the sport, and you realise there are still good people out there, they're just sadly becoming more and more the exception.

    O wad some Power the giftie gie us to see oursels as ithers see us!

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    +1 to both comments, it must be my age

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    +1 teyhan for your post

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    I need to know NOW why this site has failed to ensure a positive outcome to my "Wanted" demand for a mint pair of Leica 8X56 range finder binos for no more than the BDS membership fee.

    Oh, and don't ask me to collect as its obvious that at that price I expect FOC fully insured P&P.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TA6319 View Post
    +1 to both comments, it must be my age
    We must be of the same age then TA
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Well put Teyhan & Willie gunn
    Could not have put it better & yes I believe it's an age thing we were brought up proper.

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    Well teyhan going by your symptoms you have I am affraid to say forumitis,after recently being banned for ukv I joined another forum and low and behold the reception I got wasnt too good as it was the same users as ukv so I finished it and got myself banned instantly , sd now and thats it, alot of newcomers to the sport have high expectation, nothing wrong with being exited about your sport,there is alot to learn and nobody knows it all, maybe you need a break from the forums mate, it does become a habit or even an addiction to some, maybe you should use your knowledge wisely and educate the newbees, atb swaro
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    Yes Swaro BUT a lot of the stuff he is on about, is our basic field craft and attitude to stalking and shooting.
    To be responsible in our sport we all should be taught or self taught over the years to a point where we know what we are doing in the field and not solely relying on just hints and tips.
    I started by learning from the old school keepers who knew so much and had so much enthusiasm and love for the sport it was infectious reading proper books on all aspects of our sport and remember it is a sport not a kill game. any clown can kill what we do is manage and maintain
    Finally we all should look after newbies they are the future of what we do now so educate and teach anyone who asks I was 56 on Sunday I've been stalking and shooting since I was 15 and still learn and listen to anyone who knows the craic
    rant over

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