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Thread: EU shot game

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    EU shot game

    Anyone know what hoops you have to jump through, if any, to say shoot a Boar in Germany & bring it home with you?
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    No problems if your driving. Using public transport is another matter. All down to individual carriers. I suppose you could always wrap the meat well and put it in a suitcase and check it in. Just don't let it leak.

    Customs at Folkstone don't bat an eyelid with a boot full of rifles and haunches of boar.


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    My understanding is slightly different. I have been trying to locate a previous thread that was started about 12 months ago but have so far been unable to locate it but will continue looking later.

    Basically there was a difference of opinion over this and to satisfy my own curiosity I contacted DEFRA and eventually got a reply. If I remember correctly, and I don't guarantee that, you are limited to 1kg of meat for personal consumption unless it has been processed through an approved meat processor. All trophies and skins have to be treated. So to do it correctly and to comply with the legislation it's not simply a matter of throwing the carcass in the boot of the car and bringing it home.

    The one thing that did strike me at the time was the apparent lack of knowledge by customs on this subject and the apparent differences of opinion between government departments.

    Like I said I don't entirely trust my memory on this one and will try to find the thread later on.
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    Steve I knew I would find it eventually, this is the thread I was referring to

    and this is the reply email I got from DEFRA.

    Our Ref: AHIT 21095

    Dear Mr XXXXXXXX

    Thank you for your email enquiry of the 16th April 2013, regarding the import, into the UK, of wild boar meat for personal consumption, following a boar hunting trip to France.

    You may import the boar meat, however, the carcass must have received an official meat stamp in the country of export and therefore would need to go to an approved cutting plant.

    The import requirements of the trophies would depend on what treatments they have undergone. If they have been through the process of taxidermy, are fully processed, mounted & ready for display and are not requiring any further processing in the UK, they would be deemed finished products and therefore, there would be no Animal Health import requirements. If the above is not the case, please provide more information in order for us to advise you further.

    We would advise you to contact CITES for any requirements they may have and their contact details can be found via the following web link:

    Please read all the information carefully and ensure that you are able to fully satisfy all the conditions and requirements.


    Helen Milne
    Specialist Service Centre for Imports

    Animal Health & Veterinary Laboratories Agency
    Ground Floor, Redwing House
    Hedgerows Business Park
    Colchester Road
    CM2 5PB

    P.S. Not sure where I got the 1kg of meat notion from, it may be a bit of a red herring.
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    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    If you were coming back on the ferry, I'd say that if you butchered your boar and vacuum-packed all your cuts, no-one would notice. Having been on countless cross-channel trips on the way back from Alsace with a bootful of choucroute ingredients, I really don't think you need to worry, as long as it looks like meat, not a dead animal.

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    I won't take any chances or liberties with regard to biosecurity, this country means to much to me. If there are rules in place they are there for a reason.
    Crikey we had a hell of a problem with the last foot and mouth outbreak and that was caused by the laxity of a government agency that should have known better. Lets not take any chances guys.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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