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    Looks like these are being brought it in at work, does anyone on here have one? I'm after the pros and cons, for example, who gets contacted if I press the "red button"?

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    We use them in my work place.
    What's your line of work...??

    I work in the autism and mental health industry.
    We use ares when working on a 1-1 basic and if any form of challengeing behavior is going to be brought into the the environment we press the button allowing fellow staff members to come to your aid. To potentialy stop you getting a beating.
    It's also risky assessed and works well with CQC/ofsted etc...

    Alot depends your line of work.
    Contact wise depends on who needs to know and who'll help you out when pressed.
    There's no con's to having one. And a good peace of mind.
    I've been in some situations that would shock to the core.
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    I work in agriculture and forestry, I'm more concerned with setting it off accidentally or not having the coverage when I need it, I've heard they don't work under forest canopies or thick cover

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    Look up previous posts on PLBs etc.

    No experience of the system you name - so cannot really comment. But PLBs are designed to be very hard ( who can say impossible! ) to accidentally set off and UK coverage is pretty blanket.

    Inreach and Spot messenger are also out there.
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