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    Appears to have his finger pulling the trigger after the "misfire" and rifle out of shoulder. Dis-engaged the safety whilst pulling the trigger ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by baconbuttie View Post
    Appears to have his finger pulling the trigger after the "misfire" and rifle out of shoulder. Dis-engaged the safety whilst pulling the trigger ?
    Agree. That left finger appears to be on the trigger.

    But then I once had a F-up, a "negligent discharge." While hunting Elk, my trigger glove was too big, so the extra glove on the little finger caught the trigger of my Wby 340 as I went to pull the bolt to take a live round out of the chamber. Boom, thank God the gun was pointing up in the air. Lesson learned, I never wore a glove again when going to shoot.
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    yea, disengaged the safety with his finger on the trigger! makes me feel a bit sick.

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    Hope they had a good back stop or that bullets going to travel some at that angle

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    These pictures have done the rounds a time or two. The truth is the only way you could get a mis fire or accidental discharge of this kind
    with a Remington model 700 rifle would be if the trigger mechanism was altered in some way. Beyond that of recommended alterations, I have a Rem 700 I have had no probs with it and none that I know have.
    If you look at the Remington site there were disclaimers for these so called misfires as well as explanations.
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    I've had it happen to me, just mounting the rifle to take a 'snap' shot, let off the safety and off it went! Finger definitely not near trigger, gun not in shoulder, 7mm Rem Mag recoil on thumb, Ouch.
    You could cycle the bolt and sometimes the firing pin would release when you let off the safety, sometimes not. It went to the gunsmith and he said the trigger had been assembled dry and was gradually seizing up, no more problems since he's sorted it.

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    I had an issue with a used 700 I bought, where the rifle would discharge when removing the safety, and my finger resting on the "side" of the trigger, with the slightest of pressure. It scared the living **** out of me, and thank goodness it was being zero'd at the time.

    Took it to a gun smith to have the trigger replaced with an aftermarket one, but after checking, the gunsmith said the trigger had been very poorly adjusted (too light). He reset it, and it can no longer happen.

    Solution: People shouldn't play with things they don't understand !

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    Is it me or does he also have a pronounced flinch when he 1st pulls the trigger with the safety on? Can't imagine he'd get good groupings as it looks like the rifle moves a good way as he squeezes the trigger. Proper scary stuff though as that bullet would go a looooooong way!!
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