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Thread: Wildcat Predator 8

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    Wildcat Predator 8

    Wildcat Predator 8 moderator.

    1/2x20 unf thread

    8mm hole. not sure what calibre you would put it at. the diffuser is black but it doesn't match up with wildcats website as no way is it .338 size.
    any input welcome on this.

    Quick call sorted it out. it is .270 and smaller

    new inserts can be bought to change thread. as can the plastic insert that sits on the barrel, this one is 16mm so can be trimmed to suit.

    Good internal as the photo show

    The Wildcat Predator 8 is made from Stainless Steel and high grade Alloy comes as standard with 8 Baffle designs.

    The Predator 8 has a superior design Overbarrel Sound Moderator with 30mm bore to accommodate barrels of up to 29mm and can be taken apart for cleaning.

    The Predator 8 is made to compete directly with the T8 Reflex and has the same exterior dimensions as the T8 Reflex while weighing less.

    This is a very good moderator that can easily be changed over to other calibre's and other threads. just go to UK Custom Shop LTD for all the spares.


    All the best

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    338 is 8.6mm

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    the wildcat site show's that the black baffles are for .338 but we know that a .338 bullet will open the hole up a wee bit more.

    I will give them a quick ring and ask.

    sorted. .270 and smaller
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