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Thread: Red Stag/Roe/Muntjac Stalk 2014

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    Red Stag/Roe/Muntjac Stalk 2014

    Good Morning ,
    I hope this is the right place to post this question. I am a college student (USA) looking to hunt for my first time overseas. I am willing to take a week off of school this fall in search for a stag in Scotland or roe bucks/muntjacs. This will be my first hunt on a lifetime journey to document and write about the hunting traditions across the world. I will be filming the adventure myself. I am looking for adventure and a cultural experience. I am not a trophy hunter. I do not need to stay in a fancy castle to stay in either (I would be just as happy sleeping in the shrubs). I have found it difficult to find an estate that will offer single hunters a chance for stag in Scotland. Muntjac/Roe I would be okay hunting in England as I have heard it is a little better! So if anyone could help me out I would really appreciate it. If I can work out a stalk for one of these beautiful creatures, I will really consider doing it this fall. Thank you for your time!

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    There are plenty of trade members on here offering stag stalking in Scotland. Just read through a few pages of the deer stalking opportunities section. You'd have to be in England for a good chance of Muntjac. Roe can be stalked throughout Scotland and England.
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    There's great muntjac stalking with muntjacstalker who's on this site in Bedfordshire. Not sure if muntjac stalking in General would fit the bill for your film about traditional stalking as they are a relatively new arrival to the uk.

    If I was after traditional I'd go to Scotland for red deer (but the budget would be bigger than stalking Munties! Lol)

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    Chris at euston can do the lot in one hit a McEuston not Scotland nor even close but a possible three in one session !!
    Ps I've heard he's been on film a few times himself ( sorry chris couldn't help that )
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    Euston is a good bet. Also contact Adamant of Athina Sporting on here via PM.
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    Thank you all! I will shoot some PM's.

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