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Thread: Hello from Michigan!

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    Hello from Michigan!

    I was directed to make a post in this section.

    My name is Adam and I am a chemical engineering student in Michigan, USA. Last summer I saved up some cash doing side jobs whenever I could and started a fishing adventure across Spain, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Canada. Backpacking my way via trains, living cheap, making friends and enjoying something that is a big part of my life (fishing).

    Similarly, Hunting is another big part of my life. Growing up hunting the north pine woods of Michigan with my father and my English setter Abby, I have learned more about life than I will ever learn in school or sitting at home watching tv. I hunted small game, then shot my first deer with my bow when I was 15. I have hunted Elk in the rocky mountains, prairie chickens in the great plains, black bears in the upper peninsula, turkeys in Florida, Doves in Georgia, white tails in Michigan, squirrels in New York and a bunch of other random places! I have always been attracted to challenges of a hunt and I am a firm believer the true trophy size of an animal is not measured in inches or grams, but the rate at which your heart was beating when you took it and the challenges you had up to the split moment you let the arrow fly or you pull the trigger. I find it hard sometimes when a price is put on an animals antler size. It is what it is though and I understand the experience it takes stalk and old educated beast. Obviously I think we would all like to harvest a monster beast, but in my eyes I would rather hike over a mountain to get a beautiful view of the fog rising behind a stags roar in the early morning hours than to walk 30 yards out the back door in the woods and shoot a medal deer.

    I admire the hunting regulations we have here in the states very much. It is an amazing place to be a sportsman. However, I feel that there is a lack of traditions in our hunts. Also I feel that our deer populations are managed poorly in my state. This has motivated me to start a life journey exploring the hunting traditions of the world. Why do they wipe blood on your face of the animal you kill in Poland? In Finland, why do they put a branch in the deer's mouth and over the wound? In Germany why do they lay the animals on pine branches and whats up with the smoke? What is the traditions of the fox hunts in England? The green cloth shirts and cool hats they where hunting in Austria? The horns they blow at the end of a driven hunt in Romania? Whats the significance of the white ash marking on the faces of tribes in the amazon rain Forest after an animal is killed?

    For many of us, we do not know the answers to these questions (although we can read about them on the internet, its not the same is experiencing it in real life). For me hunting is spiritual, Natures kingdom will never let you down. It is the only place I want to spend my one day a week off from work and school.

    This summer I will book a hunt in Europe. I will video and document a series of films that takes the viewer deeper into the culture and traditions of a hunt then just the killing. I Hope this gives you an idea of who I am.... I posted in the stalking forum about ideas for a hunt in 2014. I look forward to making some fellow hunting friends on this forum. Thank you for reading!

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    Welcome to the site chap, that's a good introduction!

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    Hi Adam welcome to the forum I too like to see different traditions from hunting in other country's and the branch in the mouth is called the last bite, its really about respect for the animal you have hunted as is laying the animal on a bed of pine branches, as for the horns on driven game each sound signifies a different species seen on the drives as well as sounding when one is shot and also to start or stop each drive.
    I will look forward to reading some of your stories and a great intro, atb wayne
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    hi and welcome to sd all the very best. nice intro.

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    Welcome to the site, what a superb intro!

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    Welcome to the site,

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    Quote Originally Posted by JAYB View Post
    Welcome to the site,

    Hi Adam and a warm welcome to the Stalking Directory

    Not sure how I missed your post on the 14th but I did. Same with that excellent picture of you with a fine turkey and neat aluminum cabin in the background!

    Id like to learn a whole lot more about the opportunities to hunt turkey with a rifle in the US as I understand this is not permitted in a lot of States anymore which, given its been a life-long ambition of mine to take a wild turkey with a 22 Hornet, is something of a disappointment.

    All the best


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    Hi K,
    Thank you for checking out my photo's. I am in the process of launching an international website (its going slow because of school and work...and because of cost). When I finish it, it will give you everything you need to know about hunting (turkeys) in the United States as well as hook you up with some individuals that can take you out. until then, I can guide you to getting your hands on one. We have a few main species here. These include Eastern, Osceloa, merriams, gould's, ocellated and Hybrid turkeys. Each have there own home range in the USA. I know it is illegal to hunt turkeys with a rim fire or any rifle in many states. I will try and find a list of states that would allow this for you. Years ago the wild turkey population here was very low, and a huge conservation project was put out by organizations like the wild turkey federation ( Over the years the turkey population grew to hunt-able levels. However, many states such as mine usually only permit certain number of licenses per season. These seasons include spring turkey (which is my favorite) and Fall seasons. These licenses are by "lottery" drawing only. Again there are more exceptions to this, "over the counter licenses are sold for certain areas as well across the USA. Dont worry, if you PM me I can try and get you some info. It is very confusing but the best way is to make friends with locals over here and someone will be glad to have you tag along after a gobbler. I would be happy to do this as well, there are areas where you can get a permit by lottery almost 90% of the time because they offer 1,000's of them. We will make your life-long ambition come true I can promise you that. It will take some time and some networking, the cost of a plane ticket and some hard tracking. Take a look at the species and pick one you want fanned out on your wall!! Keep in touch- look forward to talking to you soon-


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