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Thread: rcbs 304 scales!

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    rcbs 304 scales!

    for sale a set of rare rcbs 304 scales,boxed with instructions 200 posted!
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    Yes please if its in perfect working condition.

    Pm payment details

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    details sent and sold pending the usual to the fellow above!!

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    never seen those scales before they look superb

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    Quote Originally Posted by gr1ffer View Post
    never seen those scales before they look superb
    One of the best scales ever made by mortal man.
    RCBS Dial o Grain. You set major requirement on the beam slider and set the increments on the dial.
    I have had mine since the early 60s, it was also very useful when
    we were loading small charges for pistols in the good old days.
    Mine is creamy-white.


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    just been looking into them i may just treat myself

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    If you can find a set in good nick mate jump on them. They are brill.

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    I have them too. 65.00 from John Longstaff in Pudsey. So that is what? Thirty years ago and more! They are made in fact by the Ohaus company which is a very respected name in weighing equipment and, at one time, they even marketed bullet moulds (taken over by RCBS) and their unique Ohaus Duo-Measure powder measure (now long discontinued). In fact most scales, RCBS or Lyman are Ohaus "clones".

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