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Thread: Bloody Moderators.........

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    Bloody Moderators.........

    That heading caught everyones eye didnt it The truth is really in the heading.....
    Well another great week end had with the company of Tika308 and Wadas.
    We decended on to malcs ground in sussex for another great get together last weekend and also to stalk on the excellent ground he has down there.
    Finished early fri from work and sat at home waiting for andy to turn up who was supposedly working my area for the day (WORK MY ASS)
    Anyway he turned up parked his taliban truck on my driveway and we waited for wadas to turn up. Half hour later he did with what looked like a B&Q garden patio set strapped to the roof of his car It turned out to be a new high seat he had made for malcs new ground and a very good job he had made of it too. (Get your orders chaps)
    After messing about with the bolt of wadases rifle for an hour and assembling it with the bolt handle in the wrong position by myself we finally set off at last. Andy in the front with tea drinking wadas and fest in the back so i could spot the local talent on the drive down.
    After sitting in traffic for hours on the M25 giving me ample chances at hurtling abuse at other drivers on there phones and generally taking the piss we finally got moving again and turned up at the cottage.
    Dinner was waiting for us cooked by malc and the lovely sandra herself After A few beers a good laugh and full bellys we retired to bed. ( No not all together)
    6.30 soon came round and we started kitting up after a cuppa and round of toast............................. Rifles checked then andy shouted BLOODY MODERATOR............... Ive forgot it, Me being me i tried to comfort poor old andy and was about to offer him the use of my rifle for the day.NOT We hunted high and low for it but he had definately forgotten it. No Mod No shooting for andy with his rifle
    Uncle malc came to the rescue and as andy was stalking with malc that day he offered andy the use of his 25-06, A real mans gun
    Off we set, Me and wadas were stalking a piece of woodland with a good head of fallow on it so we stedily stalked the ground heading down towards the edge of the wood. We spotted a white fallow that stood out like a sore thumb in the woods, No chance of a shot as it was too dense, the fallow didnt spot us so we edged our way down the ride stopping 10 yards back form the edge we spotted some fallow grazing in the field with some yearlings playing back and forth between wood edge and field. Wadas Got into position without being spotted ready for a fallow to present itself for a shot. Just about to squeeze 1 off and we spotted a dog walker heading up the path the other side of the deer. wadas-deer-dog walker No shot was taken and the fallow darted off into the cover of the wood, dog walker stopped to chat and a few words were spoken before he headed off the way he came No deer that morning.
    The afternoon was spent erecting the new high seat as we left andy in another high seat hoping for him to get his 1st fallow. Plenty were seen and i mean plenty... None were ready to meet there maker tho so we set off back to the cottage to get ready for the afternoon stalk.
    Andy set off with malc again and wadas and i stalked another piece of ground that i had done earlier in the year with good results. Stalking alongside a copse we spotted 2 roe that shot out 100 yards in front of us that were spooked by yes youve got it.........Dog walkers.
    They dissapeared into another copse only to exit out in the field 130 yards off and stood broadside on. Turned out to be a doe and a buck. wadas was on the ground like a shot and sighted up on the doe. Bang....... The doe shot off like a rocket..........It was a miss. we both looked at each other and couldnt believe it
    We carried on but didnt see any more until our walk back. There in the field again were 2 roe, possibly the same 2? we both crawled into an area where i could get a shot, Hawthorn bushes were sticking me everywhere, The doe was standing arse end on to me so i had only a small kill area to reach, back of the head/neck. Not ideal as i was 120yards off neeling in hawthorns and resting on sticks that i had to collapse to get into a half decent shot position. ...........bang...... Roe run off.......... a clear miss as wadas witnessed the shot hit the ground above her head. Time to go back to the cottage. we met malc at the top of the roadway and andy was pleased as punch as he had taken a nice roe doe using malcs 25-06 so at least 1 of us had grassed a deer thjat day.
    We set off for a meal at the local and met up with Robin for a laugh and some beers, A great chap he is so if anyone gets chance to meet up with him then do so
    Sunday morning soon came and i was out with andy in the same wood me and wadas had stalked the previous morning while wadas and malc had set off to try there luck from the high seats.
    We set off in the same direction as the previous morning hoping to drop onto the same fallow that were there the previous day. A couple were seen but no shot taken. we decided to have a steady walk up a ride and then i spotted a roe doe at the top of the track. Sticks up bang. she was hit broadside on and leapt into the undergroath. we walked up to the position where i had shot her and searched about, Andy hawk eye spotted her lying in some bushes and a second shot was needed to dispatch her. The bullet had struck and glanced off the ribs but had caused minimal damage to the lungs enabling her to run into cover.
    Gralloched and hung up we set off in search of some more. we spotted a few fallow but again none presented themselves for a decent or safe shot so we headed back to the forest edge to meet up with malc and wadas. malc had grassed 2 fallow but unfortunately my good friend Wadas had drawn a blanc again. i really felt for him as he hadnt shot a beast in scotland either but he was in good spirit as usual and pleased that i had shot 1.
    a bloody excellent weekend had by all again and as i had said many times before its more about meeting up with good friends and having a laugh than actually getting out and grassing a beast. We all managed to bring a carcass home with us for christmas and all will have good memories again of another great SD members get together
    Thanks again to my good friends malcolm, sandra, todd, andy, wadas and Robin for another great get together BLOODY MODERATORS


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    Good write up Fester, I really feel for Wadas having 2 trips away without a beast - especially after the 2 beauties that he got Clive and Myself into in Scotland.

    Like you said though, its as much about getting together and having a good laugh (and I bet there were a few with you 3 around!) as anything else! Thats certainly what made my time in the highlands to enjoyable.


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    I notice you put Andy and Wadas below Todd in the list................Yep, your probably right

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    Hi Gez
    Good to hear from you mate
    Thinking about it im surprised we ever get anything when us 3 get together. we had malc virtually at the point of crying with laughter again on several occasions

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    Quote Originally Posted by jingzy
    I notice you put Andy and Wadas below Todd in the list................Yep, your probably right
    Good spot mate, and bang on too!


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    your rite mate they are below them pair......... They aint got them soft silky ears like todd has and i can hold a sensible conversation with todd unlike the other two........

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    Hope you are looking after yourself as well Gez. Have you had any more luck on the stalking front?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fester
    Thinking about it im surprised we ever get anything when us 3 get together. we had malc virtually at the point of crying with laughter again on several occasions
    Great write up Fester, I bet Sussex never knew what hit it!

    Quote Originally Posted by jingzy
    I notice you put Andy and Wadas below Todd in the list................Yep, your probably right


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    You too Jingzy mate, I've been rushed off my feet with work so I haven't been out stalking since October! I have to travel a fair way for my stalking so spent any spare time I've had rough shooting instead as thats a lot closer for me so I can do it without an overnight stay away. I was hoping to get out stalking this weekend but not sure if the weather is going to play ball now - its a long way to go to sit in a blizzard!


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    Well done guys..

    Give me some notice for the next one and ill kip on the sofa



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