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Thread: Photon NV. First time out

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    Photon NV. First time out

    Just got in from a recce on a chicken farm near to me, used a photon NV with the standard IR as it comes with straight out the box. 5 mins to sight in on a .223 to a 100. First time out

    Really impressed on the image quality, certainly good enough out to a 100, removed three Charlie's tonight with ease, absolutely no light, no interest from the fox, wasn't even aware I was there. Found em with the NV binos first then bingo, very quiet and very slick operation.

    For the money, that is some decent bit of kit, certainly puts a reasonable NV in reach of everyone

    Big well done to photon

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    Next try it with additional IR, much better image quality. I use the NM400

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    Agreed. I couldn't believe the difference when I used it with the NM400.


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    or use a t20 ir see ebay just as good but a lot cheaper

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    We will be doing a cracking package deal at the British Shooting Show on the Photon with the new Pulsar X850 which for the money takes a HELL of a lot of beating.

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    Hi guys

    Pretty well convinced on the photon, won't be shooting at anything over 100 yds as I use the .22 WMR for foxes out to a 100 max

    NM 400 or 800 which one would give the best overall clarity on objective at that range, really just want to get the best clear view, also what would be the best external lithium battery pack, I normally would be out between six and eight hours when foxing, I really need a stable battery source.
    any ideas would be greatly appreciated



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    I like my nm400 but would try one of the cheaper IR torches if I didn't have one

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    Hi Philip thank you for your post.

    I would suggest the NM400 would be perfect, although the Pulsar X850 is worth considering also, as side by side there is not much in them.

    The NM800 is a bit over the top to be honest.

    As for battery, the Pulsar EPS3 will attach to the side rail of Photon, and will give a realistic 6-8 hours no problem. (manufacturer claims up to 10)

    At this point in time we sold our last 200 units last Friday, but have another 200 on the way to us as i type this, so by end of next week we will have more stock.

    We have the British Shooting Show in 3 weeks and are doing a package deal on the Pulsar Long Range Kit if you are interested, and will have stock for the show also.



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    I put the x850 on mine and it is great. Really transforms it and makes it usable out to 200 yards and being able to spot eye shine a awful lot further. Seen it against the nm400 and to be honest we couldnt tell the diffenece between the two and the x850 works out 40 cheaper as you dont need the additional mount you need for the nm.

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    The T20 works just as well or better than the nm400 for half the price

    I sell them because they are good, not say there good to sell them

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