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Thread: Rabbit Shooting

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    Rabbit Shooting

    As a novice hunter I've spent a while looking at all the sporting options available to me and it seems like almost everything i widely available to the paying hunter except rabbits, which could be a low cost way for me to be out with my rifle and get some experience stalking beasties even if they are much smaller than deer. I was wondering what you guys thought about it?
    Have I just not been using google right and there is tons of paid rabbit shooting available?
    Is it just me that would pay a fee to use someone else's land to shoot rabbits (accompanied or unaccompanied)?
    Is it not profitable enough?

    Edit:I did have a gander through the forum and couldn't find anything recent with regards my questions but apologies if its a done to death topic.

    all the best,


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    Hi Ed

    Paying to shoot rabbits is something I guess would eventually come to the fore, the problem you may encounter is previous people who have had access to the ground, before you commit , get some history on the ground and shooting hours previously and importantly the type, if the ground had been over used for lamping, vehicle and or shotgun use, you can bet the quarry will undoubtedly be lamp shy, unless you have the time and the right gear your tally will be extremely low full time.

    my thoughts would be to get yourself out there, meet up with likewise people, get some beating in on the local estate, knock on some doors, something will crack and get some shooting you have earn't, there are still loads of people / landowners who prefer the person rather than the money, especially if you are regular, appreciative and look out for the ground, that would be my first shot.

    i have undertaken rabbit clearances in your area, there's plenty about, knock on a few doors before giving into and paying for an unknown quantity of sport.

    good luck



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    Rabbits are generally a pest. They dig holes in fields for farmer's stock to break legs in and they can even undermine building foundations. They also can make pretty big inroads into crops. So with that in mind, it's often the landowner that wants rabbit numbers reduced or eliminated. Catch the right circumstances and you should get some free shooting.

    However, the thing with shooting on someone else's land is always the landowner being cautious about letting someone loose with guns on their property when they don't know them. Understandable really. So the best way in is to do as Philip says above and get yourself known at local shoots, where the landowners no doubt will be and once they know you...

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    Thanks for the replies guys.

    I have only recently (since late december) had a rifle to call my own and with my university studies I haven't had the time to go canvassing the local land owners for shooting but its certainly on my agenda and even more so on the back of your comments.
    Beating work is certainly something I'm strongly considering for this year's season; depends on whether I succeed in getting a professional job or not (looking increasingly less likely but here's to hoping).

    All the best,


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    also ed see if theres anyone ferreting get in with them and go along ,somewhere along the line you might get invited to shoot / lamp at night when theres useally more wildlife about ,when out ferreting,ask/talk /enquire. simples.cheers doug.

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    Ed, if you have any country stores - the ones that sell animal feed/hay/riding equipment etc. A well worded postcard offering your services to livery stables etc can be successful as they often get overlooked when door knocking but definitely want rid of the bunnies.

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    Brilliant ideas thanks guys!

    There is definitely some food for thought there and sounds like I have some serious googling ahead of me to explore both ferreting and livery suppliers! There are several livery stables close to me that I have been considering approaching when I'm back from uni in Easter.

    once again cheers for the suggestions!

    all the best,


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    I would like some rabbit shooting myself, got them on my shoots but not in big numbers, wish they were

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    Well mate if I find anything decent I'd be delighted to share it!

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    If you can get yourself down my neck of the woods, You are most welcome for a day out, I will be out ferreting rabbits during the day then a run out at dusk to nail a few more after dark. Over the next few weeks I've got a bag load of ferreting still to do, I live in the bottom half of kent. Week day or week end no problem, absolutely no cost, and if you can outrun a rabbit that has slipped the nets I might even buy the breakfasts.



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