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Thread: Venison butchery / cutting chart?

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    Venison butchery / cutting chart?

    Does anyone know where I can buy a poster sized UK venison cutting / butchery chart for my larder wall? I've found similar in the US but I'm unlikely to come across a Whitetail deer over here and the names / styles of their cuts are very different.

    I'm fairly sure I saw them at the Midland but I'm beggared if I can remember who's stand it was on (I've checked all the likely sites - BDS, Dave Stretton etc - but no joy).



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    I bet it was Daves Strettons display where you saw it as he did a very good one. Get in touch with him and ask. JC

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    Dave Stretton

    The only way that you will get one off Dave Stretton if you give him a Big fist full of dollers.
    As we found out with some stuff we got from Dave sorry Dave BUT WE GOT STUING BY A STRETTON you know the saying once stuing

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    Both reMington and stone did excellent pieces on the butchering of deer. They`re in the depths somewhere on here.

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    Thanks for the answers - it's more for a reminder about names and cuts than for a guide to butchery. I reckon my home butchery skills are pretty good now but I tend to forget the more obscure cuts and struggle to tell my paves from my toploins.

    The MeatMan ones are all American butchering terminology, so not what I'm after. I've got the Deer Commission Best Practice guide in its laminated form but want something in A1 or A0 size for the wall. I've emailed Dave Stretton - I'm almost certain JC275 is right and it was DS's stand in the NGO tent where I saw the charts in the 1st place.

    As for price, given the amount of money I've been spending on building a larder and kitting it out with mincer, chiller, sausage stuffer, knives etc, I can't imagine a slightly expensive poster is going to shock or break the bank...


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    and bloody delicious those sausages are to

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    You ain't tasted mine !! Out of this world.

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