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Thread: Winter Watch: Travelling dog fox

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    Winter Watch: Travelling dog fox

    Yesterday i saw on the BBC website an article on the distance a dog fox had travelled in the Brighton area. Anyway it was featured on Winterwatch last night, quite good piece, anway good watch if you have i player or similar. This eve will be on mating antics of urban foxs.

    Looks like some foxs do travel a long way and roads/railways are the main routes


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    I watched it tonight on sky playback and i didn't think they wandered that far it was quite good to see the distance it covered there must have been another dog in them areas though

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    How far did they roam then ?

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    The one they tracked had covered just over 300 miles. Pretty impressive really

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    Yes long way trip about 40+ miles from the original territory, so long way, obviously PaddySp is operating in that area of the UK yet!!


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