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Thread: Invector Flush Chokes

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    Invector Flush Chokes

    Wife's just got a Miroku 12bore but no chokes so I'm looking for

    Skeet x2
    1/4 x1
    3/4 x2

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    I might have a couple of the old style invector chokes will check them out and let you know what I have. They are not the stainless ones but fit fine. Please let me know. Small donation to Game and Wildlife Consertation trust would be appreciated.


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    That would be ideal please let me know what you have and how much you would like me to donate.

    Thank you


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    I have dug them out and have.

    Cyl. Fairly obviously Cylinder
    Imp Cyl. About quarter
    Modified About half
    Imp. Mod. About 3/4

    Let me know what you want.


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    Mostly sorted now thanks guys

    Just looking for a 3/4 choke now.


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