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Thread: .222 which make ???

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    .222 which make ???

    Had a variation in for a .222, that seems to be taking forever.

    But oh to what make? I was going for a new browning A bolt composite stalker as happy with my .243 and cheap. But Browning in .222 does not come threaded. Want a relatively light gun, do not care what it looks like as it will spend most of its time on my shoulder @ night, hence want it to be relatively light. Now thinking Tikka T3 in synthetic but quiet a bit more expensive especially with the extra cost of the optilock mounts. A CZ did not seem much cheaper and not sure what the triggers are like on a CF CZ. Are they as bad as the rim fires ???

    Any way, open to suggestions on what make.

    I am going to a shop to have a feel and look at some point and may even consider the browning and getting it threaded & proofed.


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    the cz .222's are awesome light rifles with micro mauser actions. the single set triggers are nice and light and can also be replaced with aftermarket riflebasix one's if you need/want. I love CZ/BRNO, for good reason ;-)

    failing that, and/or you have a larger budget, a sako 75 in .222 is just about as nice as you could even hope for...even think there's one for sale on here from Glyn!

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    If it's for night use, I'm going to guess that you're going to put a moderator, a bipod and a lamp (or NV gear) on it.

    This means that there's no point worrying about its weight - it's going to be heavy.

    I have a Tikka T3, and it irks me that even though it's in .222, it's the same size and weight as my .243 (and, indeed, anyone else's .270). However, in the end, I decided that because it wears a whacking great mod and a lamp, there really is no reason to change for a lighter gun with a true .222 action.

    Having said that, it is a very lovely gun and more accurate than I can be.

    I have shot a Sako 75 in .222, and if you get a chance at one, I'd take it.

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    One of our local firms Valley Arms of Ruthin had two secondhand CZ 222s in. Both seemed very reasonable and pretty good nick. Tel. 01824 704438. Valley Arms - Online Gun Shop in Wales, UK Guns for Sale, Gun Repairs, Accessories, Gun Dealers, Air Arms Air Rifles, BSA Air Rifles, Browning, Bisley Pellets, airgun pellets,gun shop, shooting supplies

    Don't have any connection with them but they seem fair enough.


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    I have a CZ527 in .223. Get the American and is a lovely light rifle still with a 20" BBL.



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    Quote Originally Posted by scrumbag View Post
    I have a CZ527 in .223. Get the American and is a lovely light rifle still with a 20" BBL.



    you enjoying that bolt handle?

    mine's starting to look gorgeous!!! just finished the rust bluing, starting checkering now :-)

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    Hmmmm decisions decisions ! I've owned a number of 222's over the years . Most were the Remington 700BDL Varmint Special had 4 or 5 of them all shot well and someone always wanted them more then I wanted to keep them . Had a pair of Sako mannlicher stocked rifles that were pre 1972 and liked them also but again someone offered me more then the worth I gave them . Had a couple 722's in 222 as well and let all but my grandfather's go . Never had one in a Remington Model 7 or 788 but saw several that were tack drivers . I suppose if I were out to get one now the most cost effective one would be the CZ527 and I expect I'd want it in the 527FS. Also a nice used 700BDL might be the way to go . Bottom line is I cannot remember a 222 I ever messed with that wouldn't shoot well !
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    Find a secondhand low use or if you can run to it a new tikka, fantastic rifle and accurate to a pinhole

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    Won't make any difference!
    am convinced that it is impossible to find an inaccurate .222 or make inaccurate ammo for one !!

    i bought a dog of a Brno fox md2, rusty pitted bore, more grease in the bolt than a truck Cv joint, woodwork looked like the deck of a tugboat

    shoots 1/2" groups of anything I feed it including 60grainers that it should't considering 1:14 twist!!

    find one with metal not plastic bits and buy it and shoot it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bewsher500 View Post
    Won't make any difference!
    am convinced that it is impossible to find an inaccurate .222 or make inaccurate ammo for one !!

    I whole heartedly agree with the rifle part , but the ammo part I've seen some folks that loaded for the 222 that didn't know their proverbial arse from a whole in the ground and i dare say what they thought was great accuracy I was not impressed with .

    Now the folks who showed me their groups might not have been very good shooters from the bench also .

    To many variables to form a proper conclusion LOL's !

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