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    ITV competitions

    Just for a bit of fun and the very remote chance of winning some money, I have entered a fair few competitions such as Dickinson's Deal, Daybreak, The chase, etc etc. I enter "free" online through the ITV .com website instead of phoning or texting ( for which there is a charge of about 1.50 ) I have a yahoo email address that I specifically use for the purpose of entering competitions as when entering you have to give an email address and a phone number. I have noticed that I then get a load of junk emails soon after entering a competition, these are usually regarding PPI, loans, etc etc. As I don't give out this email address for anything else It is obvious that ITV are selling on details of anybody who enters any of the competitions, I ALWAYS tick the boxes when entering the comps stating that I do not wish to by contacted by Mail, phone or texts but it is obvious that this request is totally ignored. I wonder how much money organisations such as ITV make from selling on your details?... Apparently this strategy is rife - with companies like Compare the etc and even allegedly the DVLA all doing the same thing.
    There can't be many households in the UK that don't receive PPI phone calls. Junk emails, Junk mail or junk texts ..... Unfortunately this sort of practice is here to stay I think!
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    The mrs used to do similar, entering competitions from magazines etc. then she got a phone call to say she had won a prize and had to attend a presentation evening. As it was local we went but I was sceptical as they wouldn't disclose the prize that had been won just that it was "of substantial value"
    Turned out to be a company selling time share villas and the prize won was a 1,000 voucher off any time share taken out.
    Funny thing is the competition she entered was for a dream holiday with runner up cash prizes

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    You get nowt for nowt. A good plan to have two email addresses, one just to keep for personal stuff.

    Recently the number of calls for PPI and loans and..and.. seem to have dropped off. Not sure why, but that's all good.

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