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Thread: 20 guage over and under

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    20 guage over and under

    I am looking for a 20 guage over and under for my other half.
    Idealy a beretta silver pigeon, though open to other suggestions.

    It is fair to say she is some what vertically challenged so looking for a shorter stock though again open to other suggestions.

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    I have a silver pigeon sc I May part with real nice wood and hardly had many shots through it less than 5000 anyway fixed choke game gun looking for 1000

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    Try Red-Dot if swatty's doesn't float your boat.

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    I use a Silver Pigeon but the gun it replaced is on offer, it's a Webley & Scott 20g O/U multichoke that I had new in 2011 and it's barely had a couple of boxes through it. It cost me 650 but I'll take 550 for it. If you are interested and PM me your email I'll send you some photos.

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    i have a 682 gold e on the shelf will get spec and prices if your interested


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    I have a 20 bore for
    lincon no2
    nice wee gun
    pm me for pics

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    A friend of mine is selling a Lincoln premier gold. Has hardly been used and that is going for 550

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    If you after something a little cheap I've got a FIAS/Browning medalist and a Rizzini MC in 20 bore for sale.

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