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Thread: Drinks Fridge Dimensions

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    Drinks Fridge Dimensions

    Hi all,

    I'm requesting help from those of you who use the double/single door drinks fridge for your deer.

    I'm hoping to get one for my shed but not sure if one will fit. Was therefore hoping somebody could send me the external dimensions?

    much appreciated.


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    Coke Double door fridge.Manufactured by True.

    Ultra modern fridge with Coke signage, the fridge is in immaculate condition and looks like new, no major damage, interior light works. It has full length Coke logo (vinyl) on each side of the fridge.

    Fridge comes with 5 Tier Shelving Included !!!

    Dimensions 1m (w) x 1m 99cm (h) x 75cm (d) - these are the exterior measurements.

    The fridge uses a normal plug connection for power

    This one is on ebay at the mement. Sizes are pretty standard. However safest is to ask the supplier to tape it, Jim

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