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Thread: Little acorn 5310a trail cam (2014).

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    Little acorn 5310a trail cam (2014).

    Just looking in to getting my first trail cam and came across this, has any one else got one or had a play with one. Seems like a good trail cam for the price, what I'm curious about is the standard 840nm to the more covert 940nm. I would like to go for the 940nm but am put off by them not punching out as far as the 840nm. And I'm put off by the 840nm not being covert enough, what I really want to know is does the 840nm ir only glow when they are taking the picture or are they constantly glowing throughout the night?

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    Have two, and the fox/animals pose for the picture, all seem to be looking at the red IR glow, it is activated by movement fro either side, then takes three pictures, have issues with networking/signal at times, then o.k. Not recommended by me, when you delete pictures you delete part of the programme which is stored on the SD card at times. The market is still evolving and I'm sure there are better units out there, hence these are being sold off. deerwarden

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    I have had good results with the little acorn 5210a.
    the 5310a is the 2014 upgrade
    the 940 nm infra red is invisible to humans and gives
    good results so I would not be put off.
    A human looking directly at 840nm infra red will see a red glow

    the old cameras just used white flash!

    the infra red is triggered when the camera is recording

    Click image for larger version. 

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    daylight fox

    Click image for larger version. 

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    night time fox

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    Thanks bad bob just what I wanted to know, is that a 840nm your using or 940nm. The new unit has more ir on it so wondering if the new 940nm will give the same or even better illumination as the old 840nm?

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    the above was 940 nm IR, chosen because humans cannot see it
    ...(not saying animals birds cannot see it , but it doesnt bother them)
    the new 940nm camera is advertised as being even better for night illumination.

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    Personally never been a fan of the Little Acorn we tested with

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