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Thread: The perfect hobby

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    The perfect hobby

    How lucky are we that we have discovered the perfect male hobby. My mum used to say to me ‘once a man, twice a child’ and as boys need toys, stalking is a perfect hobby.

    Looking at some of the recent topics there appears to be no end to our desire to accumulate stuff.

    If we all put our knives, optics, sticks, guns, reloading equipment, clothing, etc that we bought but don’t use into shop, we could out stock cabelas.


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    I know where you are coming from. I am a bowler. I have five sets of bowl. Was going to put some on fleabay but will wait till nearer the start of the season. I use two sets depending on comp. The other three are rejects. at £120+ per set it is a lot of money. Stalking wise I had a clean out but still need more so pennies saved are ringfenced, Jim

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    Best not even THINK about taking up fishing!

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    Wondered what I had all those pointy hook feathery things on sticks fer!

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    Love it.

    The only thing that will hurt as much as a taste for German optics is developing a habit for Sage fly rods and reels. One or two will never do. If you had said to me 20 yaers ago I would buy a flyrod at £600 I would have thought you were certifiable.

    Scopes £1800? Mad.

    I blame the internet. I was happy with an old Miroku shotgun and a Brno rifle before I found places like this.

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    Due to my work i have about 5 month off a year.

    To much time to play & spend money on toys stalking, fly fishing & i am a landrover nut & do some offroad driving when i get some spare time.

    & i have a very understanding wife she gets her holidays i get my toys.

    Ante life just wonderfull.

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    I want a job like Macky's 5 months off I reckon I could go for that

    Just got my new toys for Chrimbo a take down fly rod, new reel and line to take to Taupo next year 8)

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    My missus must think I am the anti-christ, guns,rods, optics,reloading,stalking,vermin shoots,Lamping three nights a week, target shooting,rco/club coaching, & terminal landroveritis to boot

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    My wife just shakes her head and says "stuff" - how much "stuff" do you need.

    It all adds up, shotguns, rifles, scope's, clothes for shooting and stalking and fishing, 5 different sorts of boots. Fly rods and reels, nets. Oh yeah, a boat.

    Reloading gear. A rifle range. Oh a garage to put all the stuff in.

    A 4x4 that does 28mpg all year round for the 2000 miles you actually use it for shooting or fishing.

    Trips to fish in Galway, Donegal.

    Stalking in Ireland, trip away for Boar, stlaking in England and Scotland.

    Any wonder I am permanently skint.

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    Awesome thread.

    It's unbelievable how fast you can accumulate stuff.

    I've got a whole wardrobe full of my american kit, pads, helmet, motorcycle leathers and helmet, boots etc, and a rapidly increasing collection of shooting clothing, knives and equipment!

    The girlfriend thought I was growing up with the sale of the motorbike, only to buy a stupid car (the garage is also now full of spare exhausts etc).

    "You've only got one gun, why is the safe so big?"
    "Because I want 9"

    I'm convinced they will never find a cure for this condition......

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