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Thread: UHF vs VHF

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    UHF vs VHF

    Does anyone know the difference in real world use between the two for 2 way radios?

    Want to get one or the other for using round the fair and round home for shooting etc.

    Is the VHF better?

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    Use both in my line of work, I think that VHF would be better for what you would want, as UHF can get hampered by getting signal blocked by buildings, hills etc.


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    You will find VHF has better range, but the radios are generally more bulky and most if not all the frequencies are licensed - more expense if you want to stay legal. The UHF ones can be good too but get them over the hill or in to a wet woodland and they're not so good - some could even be said to be useless in these circumstances. As with most things, you usually get what you pay for with radios, unless someone has come across an exception - in which case I'd love to hear!

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    VHF will have a better range , UHF will have less signal degradation caused by the landscape.
    That said most radios will be VHF.
    You need a radio operators licence to operate one in the in certain bands in the uk.
    Its a day course and is not hard.
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    PMR446 is probably your only option without a licence. VHF would theoretically be better but not available without licencing.

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    Depends a lot on your power output and antenna quality. In very general terms VHF is going to be shorter range and more effected by obstacles than UHF.

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    vhf comes top.

    uhf is absorbed faster into the surrounding landscape buildings etc, and will not travel as far as vhf line of sight,

    ham radio/amature radio users have both uhf and vhf repeaters all over the country so that you can have a wider range of cover, but the vhf wins hands down .

    you WILL need a licence to use vhf/vhf radios or opt for the 446 option no licence req.

    i can assure you that the last person who was found using a licenced frequency had a hefty fine, and no doubt if he had a fac/sgc that will have been removed as well.


    DE: bob G0WYD

    United Kingdom frequency users and licensed frequencies

    • 380–399.9 MHz: Terrestrial Trunked Radio (TETRA) service for emergency use
    • 430–440 MHz: Amateur radio (ham – 70 cm band)
    • 446.0–446.1;MHz: Private mobile radio
    • 446.1–446.2;MHz: Digital private mobile radio
    • 457–464 MHz: Scanning telemetry and telecontrol, assigned mostly to the water, gas, and electricity industries
    • 606–614 MHz: Radio microphones and radio-astronomy
    • 470–862 MHz: Previously used for analogue TV channels 21–69 (until 2012). Currently channels 21–30 and 39–60 are used for Freeview digital TV,[2] channel 36 is used for radar, channel 38 is used for radio astronomy, channel 69 is used for licensed and licence-exempt wireless microphones.
    • 870–960 MHz: Cellular communications (GSM900 - Vodafone and O2 only) including GSM-R and future TETRA
    • 1240–1325 MHz: Amateur radio (ham – 23 cm band)
    • 1710–1880 MHz: 2G Cellular communications (GSM1800)
    • 1880–1900 MHz: DECT Cordless telephone
    • 1900–1980 MHz: 3G Cellular communications - mobile phone uplink
    • 2110–2170 MHz: 3G Cellular communications - base station downlink
    • 2310–2450 MHz: Amateur radio (ham – 13 cm band)
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    we use vhf on all estates we have icom radios

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    Sorry. Ignore my last post I was having a moment i think. Back in the day.... ! ....... I was using HF to communicate very long distances. VHF we used for the surrounding area (still miles but not as far as HF) UHF obviously fitting into the spectrum higher than VHF! My trade was never one of my strengths, always preferred soldiering!

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    Just bought a pair of these for 60 bucks on the bay.
    Complete with earpiece mics, they are the nuts, very pleased with them. Using them for stalking atm but will get used whenever for whatever

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