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Thread: Importing a Trigger From Within the EU? Advice please.

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    Importing a Trigger From Within the EU? Advice please.

    Has anyone any experience with bringing in parts, not a firearm, not ammunition, from the EU?

    More specifically, I have Jewell BR trigger for the Remington 700 for sale in Ireland. Someone from the UK saw my price and asked if I would ship to the UK. FWIW, I cannot believe the price in the UK - over 300 Sterling! That's almost 2.5 the US price. A bit much if you ask me. No wonder people are looking at RifleBasix.

    Anyhow, can an item like a trigger, with no serial numbers, LEGALLY, be simply put in a box and mailed to someone in the UK? Any links would be appreciated.

    I've sent plenty of boxes of clothes, biscuits, and taytos to the nieces and nephews over the years so I am no stranger to the PO!

    What's the process on the receiver's end? How about if the package has to go to a dealer? How much do they get as middleman?

    Also, if anyone knows, whether a firearm part, like a trigger, is considered a firearm, for shipping purposes?

    Not looking to spend a lot of time researching laws, customs, and dealers. Just trying to help some one out across the water.

    Thanks for your time and constructive feedback.

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    Not a problem, simply post it as there's no control on parts like that in the U.K. It's usually pressure bearing parts that are controlled such as barrels, receivers and bolts.
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    I have received trigger units direct from the USA with no hitch whatsoever, although I have heard of some US based dealers not willing to ship to UK because they are not sure of their legislation regarding gun parts.
    UK has no restriction whatsoever.

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    Thanks for the feedback lads - still have to make a few calls on this end.

    BTW - EMcC is that E=mc˛ ? Just wondering, as you may have noted Newton's Second in My Name

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    [QUOTE BTW - EMcC is that E=mc˛ ? Just wondering, as you may have noted Newton's Second in My Name

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