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Thread: Rifle wanted 243 or 308

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    Rifle wanted 243 or 308

    Anyone got a good rifle for sale, looking for either a .243 or .308 prefer complete set up with scope and moderator if threaded.
    Moderater not essential, but the more accessories the better, also bit skint at the mo so a bargain will be warmly welcomed
    I am not looking for a specific model but I do like the older classic type rifles with nice wood and could poss strech budget a little for something nice, but be just as happy with a stainless and synthetic at good price.

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    STEYR Ultralight
    308 Ultralight (1170 retail) with 200 wood upgrade. Just over 7 lbs with full mag and scope ready to shoot. The Ultralight has a single set trigger and both pull weights can be adjusted and set independently. Push forward for set position. New trigger springs are fitted but the originals are included.
    Threaded (proofed) for moderator and presently fitted with brake that reduces the felt recoil by at least 45%. It comes in a Plastic carry case with all original documentation.
    This was bought for the hill. I wanted a real lightweight rifle and expected to see it used 2 or three times a year in Scotland but age and infirmity takes its toll and I doubt I could even carry that weight for far now over those steep and rocky landscapes north of the border. Totally unmarked and less than 50 rounds fired - it really is absolutely as new 850.

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    Hell 300wsm, I wasn't even looking for a 308 and I want that one now!

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    Cheers 325wsm

    sent you an email hands of I am looking for stuff to put on ebay to raise some extra funds .. looks a lovely rifle but just out of my reach at this moment but several sets of golf clubs and other unused stuff to go so you never know

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