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Thread: Imported Jagd Terriers

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    Imported Jagd Terriers

    I have been given the opportunity to import some Jagdterriers from Hungary. The dogs are owned and kept by a friend of one of my Hungarian friends. They are of the line of Astor Von Astrata, a famous Serbian dog.

    There 2 dogs and 1 bitch. The pups are currently 16 weeks old. There is also an adult dog and an adult bitch available. They have both completed the necessary breed tests and worked underground to real quarry.

    I thought I would offer you gentlemen the opportunity to own and work some pedigree dogs of this bloodline. The cost for an imported pup, including microchip, pet passport, vaccines and delivery to the UK is E800 per pup. The adults are E1300. If anyone would like anymore information, or to register their interest, PM me. These dogs have also been advertised on The Hunting Life, so some of you may have seen them there already.


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    I'd be very interested in a pup after watching these work in Poland ,have you more details and some pics please
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    pm me your email address and i will send you the relevant details.

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    Hi, are you still able to get these dogs?

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    do you still have access to these pups, I am from Australia and a Jadg breeder. I would be very interested in importing one of these pups if possible. thanks

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    can you please let me know if they are available still

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    I am having trouble contacting you but will keep trying

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