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Thread: Sending Scope to Germany

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    Sending Scope to Germany

    My Docter scope has recently developed a fault and needs to be returned to the factory to be repaired under warranty.

    Can any one recommend a carrier that will insure the scope on its travels? I have spoken to the Post office and to TNT and neither will provide cover.



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    Why not contact the Docter distributer in the UK and ask advice there. I think it is one of the shooting grounds in Ayreshire.


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    I recently sent an S&B Scope back to the factory and they repaired and returned it to me in three working days.
    I typed in the google box Parcelforce and I was given a selection to use.
    I chose UPS and it cost me £29.90 and I was given a tracking No and was able to follow it right through to the guy at the Factory.
    I related the details on the site somewhere but can't remember where.
    It was after the Sportsman told me it would take six to eight weeks if they sent it, so I reckon it was £29.90 well spent.

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    You must be mistaken or were given the wrong information. I sent goods to Germany by post a few weeks ago and insured them for only a small cost. Also the guy in front of me was sending a parcel to Australia and he had to declare the value for insurance purposes which incidentally was surprisingly high.
    I have sent valueable items abroad several times via the post and only once has anything gone missing and that was tracked to a sorting office in this country, needless to say I was compensated to the value of the goods.

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    Surely if it is still under guarantee then the retailer is resposible for returning it for repair at no cost to you!
    I did mine myself because I needed it for a driven Boar trip the following week.

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    Never thought about the retailer sending it back. It@s a couple of years old, and although warrantied for 30years, I assumed that after the first year I'd have to return it myself.

    Have been told at 2 different post offices that the max that they can insure it for was £500. Think it'd cost around £800 to replace so dont think I'll risk that. Both TNT and a local courier both told me that they cant insure anything with glass.

    I'll have a run up to Continental shooting supplies (where it was purchased) when I get a minute, and have a word with them.

    Thanks for the replies.


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    Always had good experiences with Continental 8) Steve.

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    I have a similar dilemma my Zeiss has been playing up it came from the States, it went sort of ppaque lost focus during bad weather and low light at Malcs, thought it was a one off then had it while out with Dunc in the lovely warm Scottish afternoon weather last saturday 8) about -10 the way my toes felt cost me a big fat Doe
    If I send it to the states gonna be ages Jayb suggested might be quicker and easier to send it to a repairer in Glasgow

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    Quote Originally Posted by finnbear270
    Always had good experiences with Continental 8) Steve.
    Yep me too. Although they wont usually haggle I've found that they are pretty competitive anyway.

    Dropped the Docter off and ended up buying a Swarovski 8*56 (see other thread). I can never go into the place without parting with cash

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    Hi Mate

    I have done this, contact Deben and they will send it back for you. Cost me £30 but they sorted it and returned to me good as new.

    Good as I bought it S/H. Still doing a great job on my .243


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